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  • #WomenWorldwide: Buttermeup Organics shows us how to do beauty sustainably
#WomenWorldwide: Buttermeup Organics shows us how to do beauty sustainably

#WomenWorldwide: Buttermeup Organics shows us how to do beauty sustainably

In this life, it’s very rare to find your calling, and for that calling to also have a positive impact on the world we live in;

April 29th, 2019

In this life, it’s very rare to find your calling, and for that calling to also have a positive impact on the world we live in; but this was exactly the case with Jillian Haddad and Butter Me Up Organics. After having a fateful ‘body butter moment’ from which her business coins its name, Jillian set off to create a completely organic and sustainable beauty brand, and the rest was history.

Jillian’s genuine commitment to sustainability is the life and soul of her business. From the organic cruelty free ingredients she uses, to the glass and recycled packaging she creates — every product in Butter Me Up Organics has no negative impact on the environment. After all, why should the environment suffer for good skincare?

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start Butter Me Up Organics?

I grew up in a very natural minded household where we were bringing our own takeout containers, water bottles,and recycling long before it was cool. It was quite the opposite then. As an adult, I grew into my own conservation mindset and knew that if I started a business, it would need to include those elements.

I startedButter Me Up Organics in response to the lack of natural products on the market. I would shop at natural grocery stores as they were the only places that had items without all of the toxic ingredients.Even then I would leave with items I didn’t really want, as they were the only ones that didn’t have the ingredients I avoided. When I spent way too much money on a body butter that I didn’t want just because it fit my criterium, I decided then and there, I can do this and Butter Me Up Organics was born. The name pays homage to that body butter moment; and that that was the first item I made.

I vowed to create a brand that was organic, zero waste and contained no synthetic anything. I use only organic oils, butters, herbs, essential oils and botanicals to craft each item. All items are handmade, small batch and well researched. I stand behind all of them!

Butter Me Up Organics is all about all natural and organic products. Could you run us through how your products are made?

Absolutely! First, when I’m creating a new product, I spend a great deal of time researching and formulating. Every product I’ve ever made is my own unique recipe; and each item is designed for a therapeutic purpose. I use a combination of herbs, oils, butters, and essential oils for maximum effectiveness. When its time to actually make the items, I personally hand make each one. Some items take months to make as I infuse my own oils and time creates the potency. Each item is made in a small batch in my studio, which has its own commercial kitchen. All items are hand mixed, poured, and manufactured by me so that I can guarantee the quality and effectiveness of each item that gets into your hands.

How important is sustainability to your brand? Could you tell us a little bit about your sustainable practices?

This is one of the core pillars of my brand and has been since its inception. I was organic before people really knew what that was and have been zero waste since the beginning. Almost all of my containers are glass and are made of at least 30% post recycled material. All items are recyclable, labels are printed with soy inks on recycled papers, ALL of my packing materials are either up-cycled or recycled materials. I utilise paperboard tubes instead of plastic for lip balms and eyeshadows and will always choose the most Eco-friendly packaging, materials, and options for the least amount of negative earth impact.

In terms of ingredients, (which is my passion), all are organic, cruelty free, and sustainable as a whole. I am super picky about my ingredients and how/where they were sourced from. I ensure that all of my suppliers maintain the same practices I demand from mine. I was asked so many times in the beginning if I would make things non-organic and in plastic, because people didn’t really understand it. I held true to my core values and luckily we’ve moved into a time where people are waking up to the importance of sustainability and conscious brands.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur so far?

Learning all of the things I’m not good at. Owning your own business comes with so many different elements; some which play to your strengths and some that don’t. I love the creative side where I get to make and create; and I love interacting with my customers at shows and online. However, all of the technical things that come with my business are such a challenge for me, my brain just doesn’t work like that! Luckily, there are experts who are good at those things and I defer that to them.

What advice do you have for women who would like to become a GirlBoss like yourself?

Find what makes your heart sing. It’s easy to be inspired by people and think that you should do what they do. Be inspired by them, but figure out what truly makes YOUR heart happy and don’t emulate someone else. Find YOUR calling. It’s such a gift to your soul to be doing exactly whatyou should be doing and that passion will always inspire others. It’s really true what they say, find what you love and you won’t work a day in your life. It’s so true, but be prepared to work some crazy hours!