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  • #WomenWorldwide: Designer Alexa D’Amico Talks All Things Swimwear
#WomenWorldwide:  Designer Alexa D’Amico Talks All Things Swimwear

#WomenWorldwide: Designer Alexa D’Amico Talks All Things Swimwear

New designer Alexa D’Amico is launching her stunning first swimwear collection this summer 2019 and we are about to the get the lowdown on her style icons, latest designs, and

June 25th, 2019

New designer Alexa D’Amico is launching her stunning first swimwear collection this summer 2019 and we are about to the get the lowdown on her style icons, latest designs, and her chosen colour pallet for this season.

All of Alexa’s designs have an excellent back-story through sustainability, she designs her swimwear collections with an eco-future in mind, and all of her items are crafted from recycled nylon.

HOC. How did you get into designing swimwear, was it something you always wanted to do?

Alexa. I have always had a passion for the beach. Growing up we were lucky – my parents have a beach house by the shore, so this became our lifestyle every summer. Cape May, New Jersey is where we reside in the warmer months, and I couldn’t picture it any other way. Naturally, my love for the sun, sand and ocean was inevitable from early on. Fast forward to my college years – I began studying apparel design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I have always excelled in fine arts, but fashion was a place where art and individual style could be expressed fluidly. Moving into the present day, it seemed like a perfect progression, merging the two things that I enjoy most – fashion and the beach – hence The Days Swimwear was born!

HOC. We love your unusual company name, The Days Swimwear, can you enlighten us as to where ‘The Days’ came from?

Alexa. I tend to gravitate towards short titles/edgy brand names (i.e. The Row, Theory, Preen), so I strived to come up with something similar. The Days Swimwear came to me organically one day – and after saying it over a few times, it felt right. I found there was more meaning than the superficial sound of the name – aiming to make your days count, both individually and ethically . Ethically when purchasing our swimwear, since it is sustainable and composed of regenerated nylon – and individually as an expression of style.

HOC. Do you have a style icon that you would like to see wearing your swimwear designs either on the beach or in a pool?

Alexa. I do have many personal fashion/style icons, however The Days Swimwear should be worn by all women! It would be huge to gain great traction and interest after our launch this summer – I would love to see women of all ages wearing our brand proudly.

HOC. At ‘The Days’ you have consciously chosen to be more ethical and environmentally focused when designing your swimwear collections, was being environmentally friendly always going to be part of your company ethos?

Alexa. Absolutely. I am a huge advocate for environmental change and believe that every person can make a difference. I love fashion, but there is a way we can go about it that contributes to the wellness of the planet rather than add to the waste. Our swimwear is made from regenerated nylon material, so you can wear ethically whilst still being on trend.

HOC. You design one-piece swim-suits and bikini style swimwear, do you have a personal favourite for this season?

Alexa. I do – I am in love with our Tuesday top. It is one of our bikini top styles and the detail I am really into for the season is the metal buckle. This design element adds a bit of shine and is a nice contrast between metal hardware and body material. The coolest part is our buckles are metal, not plastic – falling into our theme of plastic free packaging/components, etc.

HOC. Your designs are contemporary in style, can you tell us what colour pallet you have chosen and why?

Alexa. I loved playing with color for this collection. I wanted to keep a broad spectrum here because everyone gravitates towards a different hue – especially for beach wear. We have everything from earthy neutrals (Taupe, Burgundy, Navy) to Neon Pink and of course the classic Black.

HOC. You are a USA based company, can you tell us which country is your main buyer, is it the States or elsewhere?

Alexa. We are strictly a direct to consumer model – sales are online only as of now. I would say based on word of mouth that our main customers will be based in the U.S. – but we ship worldwide, so I hope the brand makes it across the seas on both sides of the states!

HOC. How do you market your brand differently to other online independent swimwear designers, and do you have a direct competitor?

Alexa. I wanted the brand to come off as casual and cool, with a hint of sex appeal and a dash of high fashion. Truly this reflects my personal style, but I feel it translates to a broad audience. In regards to a direct competitor, it is hard to say as we are anticipating the launch in the next month.

HOC. What has been the biggest learning curve since you launched your swimwear company?

Alexa. I am a designer in my current day job so I understand the ups and downs of production timelines, spec deadlines, etc. I think the biggest learning curve was managing the design process and social media after work hours. It requires a lot of attention!

HOC. What was the best piece of advice you were given before you embarked on launching The Days Swimwear, and why do you remember it to this day?

Alexa. The best piece of advice I received was “If you can do it now, then make it happen.” I remember this because I just needed a small push to actually take the next step into developing my collection. It was something that had weighed on me for years, but now it is coming to life and the feeling is amazing.

HOC. What advice would you be willing to offer a new designer that was just about to launch their own clothing brand?

Alexa. I would offer this : Don’t be defeated by the digital world – there is a lot of competition out there, but only you can make your brand stand out the way you want it to. If you stay true to your style and vision, everything will fall into place as it should.

Visit The Days Swimwear for more information. www.thedaysswimwear.com

Also check us out on Instagram : @thedaysswimwear

Thank you for taking the time to answer our #WomenWorldwide questions for House of Coco Magazine.

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