Someone’s wedding day, is probably the most important day in most peoples’ lives. It is an unforgettable experience that marks the beginning of a new story, shared with the couple’s closest family and friends. To be a part of a wedding is truly a special experience, but to plan the magic of a wedding, is a whole different story.

Hannah Terziu has built her business around capturing unforgettable wedding moments. Not to mention, capturing them amidst the stunning backdrops of the Amalfi Coast. A love for events and wedding planning led her to leave London and jump headfirst into her passion. Love Story Events is a testament to her talent and willpower as both a wedding planner, and an entrepreneur. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if these photos say anything, it’s that Hannah certainly made the right choice in pursuing her dreams.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. What made you fall in love with wedding planning?

I tend to think of myself as having 3 children — my actual two children, Benjamin who is 2 years old and Serena my 5 months old baby — but also my third baby which is my business! Every day is a struggle to balance my time between these 3 commitments. They keep me busy — but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whilst I was born in the UK, I moved to Sydney 4 years ago and live in Sydney with my husband and kids. We travel back to Italy each year to deliver the seasonal weddings, which is a great excuse to also visit family and friends in Europe at the same time.

I remember the moment I knew that event planning was for me – I was evaluating different career options following my degree. (which was in Law, not events!) There were about 4 different roles I was thinking about. However, the only thing that kept “sticking with me” was event planning. I decided to pursue it.

My first role was at the Ritz Hotel and this cemented my passion for wedding planning – I loved meeting couples, exploring their vision and seeing the wedding day unfold. I then moved into the field of private events working for HM The Queen’s Household at Buckingham Palace. I loved every moment of my time there and was privileged to be involved in some of the big historical events. However, I missed working with the public and especially with couples; and that’s when I moved to Italy to pursue destination wedding planning.

What made you decide to move to Italy?

My career in London spanned 5 years and by then I felt I had experienced the best that London had to offer. As a person, I like to continually grow and challenge myself. I had always LOVED Italy as a location — so when I was thinking about the next step for my career, moving abroad, learning a new language and working in destination weddings, sounded like a good fit for me. The concept of Love Story Eventswas born, but I knew I needed to get hands on experience in Italy before I could fully launch the company.

When I got to Italy, there were a number of challenges. At first I worked in Rome – it wasn’t the best experience as I ended up not being paid for the 6 months I worked and having to sleep in the office. But by then I had already invested and was determined not to go back home without having gained the experiences and insights into destination wedding planning that I needed. 

I moved to the Amalfi Coast and was fortunate enough to connect with the right people there and so my destination wedding planning experience began. The language took me a good 6 months to pick up — it was helped by the fact that I met my (now) husband there, which was certainly all the motivation I needed to learn quickly! After 2 years delivering destination weddings in Italy, fluent in Italian and having married myself, I was ready to move into the next phase.

In your expert opinion, what are the essentials to creating an unforgettable wedding?

In my opinion having a destination wedding it makes it unforgettable — it sets the wedding apart as an experience of a country, especially as guests tend to make a holiday experience out of it. I love seeing both the Bride & Groom’s reaction when they first see their wedding venue and also the guest at the wedding — they are often rendered speechless as they step into the venue and see the views (especially on the Amalfi Coast).

Another essential to an unforgettable wedding is the delivery — what I mean by this is how it flows on the day, how relaxed the couple are and the guest perception. The key to the success of this is in the planning. It ensures that all the details you have put into the day come to pass and that the celebration runs smoothly. It is important the wedding is a true expression of the couples styles, personalities, ideas and vision, so that the day feels genuine not a like putting on a show — making for an authentic, unforgettable wedding for all.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as an entrepreneur so far?

Being discovered has been the hardest thing. Whilst I was confident I had the passion and skill to create destination weddings, I needed to learn a lot about how to reach my target audience and thus about social media. Marketing is always evolving, it is a constant learning curve to keep up with. Persevering with getting the brand out there is still challenging, but I am beginning to see real growth in the company and so I am encouraged to see that my efforts are starting to pay off.

What advice do you have for women who would like to become a GirlBoss like yourself?

The best advice I can give is not to over think things in the start-up phase and to deal with problems or challenges as they arise. It is easier to find a solution when you are “in motion” rather than thinking about it being static. Honestly, before I set up Love Story Events, I found myself wondering how living in Australia and having a baby (I had just given birth to our son at the time) was going to work logistically with planning weddings in Italy. But I also knew I had worked too hard to give up on my dream. So I started the company. — and solutions presented themselves as I went along. So my advice is to get started! ?

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