#WomenWorldwide: Making #twinning with your pet a designer essential – behind the brand with Jessica and Jacqueline Walters from Fox Named Todd

From Tinkerbell the Chihuahua and Paris Hilton, to Digby and Lucy Watson –  we’re a planet of dog lovers who adore spoiling our furry sidekicks. From expensive groomers to gourmet dog food, it seems that our pets are treated just as well as humans. Two #GirlBosses who are championing this trend are twin sisters Jessica and Jacqueline Walters, of Fox Named Todd, a luxury fashion brand for both pets and humans. From matching scrunchies and neck scarves, to t-shirts and hair bows, it’s now easier than ever to ensure your pet is dressed just as well as you. Our writer Jenna caught up with Jessica to find out how the concept was created and what’s in store for 2019…


JC: We love that your website states you are ‘pet obsessed’ as so are we! We even have our own #TeamCoco pup! It must be awesome to pair your fashion design skills with your furry friends. What was the initial inspiration?

JW: We absolutely love animals! Pets have always been a part of our lives growing up and we love them very much. Initially we just made accessories for them, it was a hobby that turned into a business! We were buying more and more fabrics that we found unique or funny and eventually we thought “Hey, maybe other people would want this for their pet too?” So we started our online shop!

JC: We love your collections where you can twin with your pet, such a guilty pleasure! Do you find this is now becoming more popular?

JW: Well we are twin sisters, so matching is just a part of our DNA! We wanted to be able to share our love of matching with other people and their pets as well. Currently we have t-shirts, hair bows, scrunchies and pajama shorts.  A lot of people love the idea and find them to be a great prop for photo shoots.


JC: Can you tell us more about your history before founding Fox Named Todd?

JW: We grew up in the midwest in St. Louis, Missouri.  After attending art school in Miami we both began jobs in the fashion industry in NYC. By day, we work at the same activewear company doing technical design and product development so we work really well as a team. We wanted to transfer our knowledge into creating fun new pet apparel designs as a side business. We spend all our extra time working on FNT because we truly love the product and the happiness it brings to pets and owners.

JC: What has been your favourite collection to work on so far?

JW: We love food, and we know our pets definitely do too. We for sure have more food bandanas in the shop than anything else, and it just keeps growing. The diner collection has a lot of those American staples like pancakes, chicken & waffles, or bacon & eggs.  It really grabs peoples attention because it is so much fun!


JC: Who would be your dream celebrity to work with?

JW: We have never really thought of that before, as the brand has grown so fast! We would love to do a conversational print collection with the designers at Kate Spade, a graffiti inspired collection with Eduardo Kobra, or a snarky verbiage collection with well known pet-lover Ariana Grande.

JC: Can you tell us about a recent ‘Girl Boss’ moment?

JW: Being featured in British Vogue was definitely a big moment for us. We have seen products from our day job in magazines but being asked to take part of that for our pet brand was just beyond amazing! It’s been overwhelming to receive recognition from such a well known magazine, let alone one from the UK!


JC: What has been the hardest part of running your own online apparel business?

JW: The hardest part (other than finding time to sleep) is definitely having so many ideas! It’s difficult to reign them in sometimes. We are constantly coming up with new items we would like to add to the shop and it just keeps growing. Sometimes our ideas come in faster than we can make them!

JC: What’s in the pipeline for 2019?

JW: We are working on adding even more clothing items to the shop, to grow our ever-evolving collection. Make sure to keep an eye out for new pet and human designs, who knows what we’ll come up with next!



For more information and to shop the collection visit foxnamedtodd.com

Also check their Instagram for serious pet inspiration!

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