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  • #WomenWorldwide: The future of scientifically proven makeup with Irene Patsalides founder of Mirenesse
#WomenWorldwide: The future of scientifically proven makeup with Irene Patsalides founder of Mirenesse

#WomenWorldwide: The future of scientifically proven makeup with Irene Patsalides founder of Mirenesse

You've heard of Chanel, you've heard of YSL - but you really need to hear about Mirenesse.

March 25th, 2019

You’ve heard of Chanel, you’ve heard of YSL – but you really need to hear about Mirenesse. The award winning Australian cosmetics brand fronted by Pharmacist Irene Patsalides has gained worldwide recognition due to their unique formulas and scientific backing, as well as their beautiful products. Our girl Jenna caught up with the #GirlBoss at the helm of this growing company, Irene, to find out more about her Pharmacist past and what it takes to build a globally successful cosmetics business…


JC: So after reading a little bit more about Mirenesse, we see that you’ve won over 100 awards in the past 20 years! That’s quite an achievement. What has been your proudest win so far?

IP: The first time is always the one we are most proud of, we won 4 beauty awards in our first year at the New Woman Beauty Awards 2000. We were up against all the major beauty brands, and they were all there – Chanel, Estee Lauder, YSL. They were all wondering “who is this brand” as we had just won Best Mascara , Best Lipstick, Best Foundation, Best Colour Cosmetic !

JC: We think your awards definitely has something to do with the scientific backing of your products – can you tell us more about your Pharmacist history before founding Mirenesse?

IP: I always had a passion for cosmetics, watching my mum from a young age apply makeup always fascinated me she was so beautiful anyway but I loved the application and transformation and how good she felt afterwards, so I wanted to study Cosmetics chemistry but courses were not available when I was going to Uni so I chose the next best thing Pharmacy and I loved helping people so that was a career I did for 17 years.

Then being totally dissatisfied with mascara offerings I decided to create my own and Mirenesse was born! My quest for perfection meant it had to look better on lashes than anything else and good for my eyes and last all day and come off easy, I was told I was crazy but I invented the tubing technology of our mascaras which I also infused lash caring ingredients into! I also was always good at Chemistry, mixing things, making things. Mum says I was mixing pancakes at age 3 for the whole neighbourhood, and now I’m Mixing mascara for the world!

JC: We love your Power Through Beauty campaign which is dedicated to empowering women and helping them achieve their dreams! What sparked this campaign?

IP: As a cyclone refugee, I came from nothing, and I’ve been through a lot and know what it’s like to struggle, get abused, have nothing, have something and lose it, lose everything, have major health issues, hit the glass ceiling and still survive!

I want people to know they can survive get through it and move forward to their dreams, that the power they seek lies within themselves, to never give up no matter how bad the odds are, feeling that power gives you the power and looking and feeling beautiful are all a state of mind and if a little lipstick or mascara help then bring it on! A portion of the proceeds from all Mirenesse products go towards donations to all sorts of charities, and individuals in need, plus we donate products and funds to organizations that empower women, that’s our mission to give back.

Oh and we recently started the Buy a Mascara Save a Koala fund as our poor Koalas are in trouble and were adopting them with the proceeds from our mascara sales!

JC: We see that you have a very diverse range of Makeup, Skincare and exclusive Gift Sets which all embody botanical ingredients?

IP: I have practiced my clean beauty philosophy and also infused skin treatments in Mirenesse beauty products since 20 years ago, we use botanical organic ingredients combined with safe clinically proven results driven lab ingredients as well, everything comes from nature we make sure it delivers the results we promise, and is safe for you to use.

JC: What would you say is your most popular and celebrated product?

IP: Our most popular and celebrated products being our Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara which has won over 13 awards and has achieved cult status in Australia, plus our Power Lift Treatment Cream which is an anti-ageing powerhouse. They both fly off the shelves daily.

JC: It’s great to see a cosmetics brand that is so heavily backed up by science! Can you tell us more about your transdermal delivery system (TDDS)?

IP: We wanted skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin so we studied the delivery into the skin, each ingredient is encapsulated to deliver its payload only once it fuses with the skins osmotic system, we get such great results because the ingredients get delivered where they can make a difference.

We leave out the heavy waxes which just sit in the skins surface and trap moisture, the textures are light fluid and gelatinous or oil in texture and feel wonderful – and they work!

JC: Who would be your dream influencer/celebrity to work with?

IP: Love Kylie Minogue for her Power and JLo for her timelessness and drive! I love women who have beat the odds against them…

JC: Can you tell us about a recent ‘Girl Boss’ moment?

IP: Life’s about choices so choose wisely.

Recently I came about the realization that trying to please too many people never works and when others around you feel insecure they want to cut you down so I had to put a stop to it.

I decided I wasn’t going to let them determine my self worth, and as much as I loved and respected these people I respectfully chose the high road and to not have their negativity around me for my own health and sanity, and cut ties with them.

JC: What has been the hardest part of running your own cosmetics business?

IP: Aahhh , sometimes I think “where was I going without even knowing the way!”

The constant evolution of the beauty business and the fast pace, means that it has truly become “Running “ a business” as you are nowadays constantly running a marathon to keep up with technology and the changes, but the challenge is also a good driving force so finding the right people with the skills needed to keep up the pace can be challenging at times.

JC: What’s in the pipeline for 2019?

IP: I’m very excited about 2019 I have been working on a few patented innovations for a couple of years which are about to be launched soon and have the potential to be real game changers, I’m a problem solver at heart and a really want to make things better and better things that help us all have an easier day! It’s also our 20year Anniversary and were celebrating all our “Solid Gold” hits with new packaging and campaigns worldwide!


To shop the beautiful collection and to find your new skincare favourite visit https://www.mirenesse.com.

You can also keep up to date with all the latest Mirenesse looks and products via Instagram

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