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  • #WomenWorlwide: Alena Mira on making fashion for modern nomads
#WomenWorlwide: Alena Mira on making fashion for modern nomads

#WomenWorlwide: Alena Mira on making fashion for modern nomads

Back in the stone age, and up until the dawn of agriculture, nomadism was a way of life.

April 29th, 2019

Back in the stone age, and up until the dawn of agriculture, nomadism was a way of life. But in 2019, amidst concrete jungles, growing populations, and rapid fire technological development — a new kind of modern nomad emerged, and that is the wanderlust searching traveller.

In this latest #WomenWorldwide interview, we caught up with fellow nomad, Alena Mira, and talked about her innovative fashion brand NoMad. While her colourful and creative designs have been inspired by our shared nomadic history — her vision for NoMad is totally unique — and its one that’s all about embracing adventure and owning our natural power.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start NoMad Limited?

My name is Alena Mira. For me NoMad is an internal state, inspired by the nomadic traveler living forever in me. It’s not about giving this up to live a calm, measured life.

How have your travels inspired your brand? Why the name NoMad?

I travel a lot, this is my inspiration, my life, my breath of fresh air. Nomad is a way of life, and was created for modern nomads who appreciate wonderful unique pieces. These modern nomadslove adventures, new discoveries, travelling, and are free from society to pursue their true dreams.

NoMad unites different cultures and their traditions, because true beauty is timeless, it’s always on trend. We are surrounded by stone jungles, and so we lose touch with the natural world. We forget that we are part of nature, and that we are the crown of Mother Nature’s creation. NoMad is a kind of fusion of ethnic power with the energies of the past and the future, I know for sure that the spirit of NoMad lives in each of us, even if we sometimes forget. Perhaps this is all a little wild and insane (In fact, the business itself is two-handed in translation, NoMad is both a nomad-traveler and a madman at the same time) and I mean insane in the best way.

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

All of our collections of originate from centuries-old traditions, and jewellery is at the heart of it all. I take inspiration from everything, from the mystical fusion of theStone Age, the nomadic past of our ancestors, and even the fashion of the present. Since ancient times, our ancestors decorated their bodies. I don’t follow fashion, everything is created in the direction of the heart, and the heart does not know time, it knows only energy and this gives the collections a unique spirit.

Who is the modern NoMad for you?

The modern nomad is all of us, and nomadism, it could signify anything that doesn’t slow down. Just before the nomads saddled wild animals, we now inhabit megalithic cities. However, the spirit of our ancestors and the endless longing for our roots, sits in each of us. And internally everyone has to do succumb to it, such is our essence — to be in endless movement, to expand horizons, to be free in our thoughts and judgments.

What advice do you have for women who would like to become a GirlBoss like yourself?

Not just for GirlBosses but for women everywhere, my wish is: Be faithful to your Life and be faithful to the direction of your life.