When working from home, many people opt for rolling out of bed at the last moment and keeping their pyjamas on during the working day. Whilst this may work for some people, what you wear can really impact your mood and therefore your productivity and general wellbeing.

If you are struggling to feel motivated whilst remote working, it may well be what you are wearing. This article goes deeper into the reasons behind how what you wear can impact your mood when you work from home.

Your Clothing Should Be Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

The number one thing to consider when finding work from home outfits is comfort, as we are more likely to want to work when we feel comfortable in ourselves. Although we should be comfortable, there is such as thing as being too comfortable. Rocking up to work everyday in your tracksuit pants and slippers may feel like the best thing in the world, but it can also lead to us feeling lazy, fed up, and less productive. There will come a time where you feel a bit gross and just want a change.

There are ways to incorporate style with comfort, you just need to find what works for you. For men’s fashion tips, check out CrepStars footwear. Their men’s slippers are designed to look like trainers, so you can dress for a day of working from home in something both stylish and comfortable. This also provides a welcome change to those old, worn-out slippers.

Dressing For Work Can Prepare You Mentally

Are you struggling to find any motivation whilst working from home? If you tend to wear the same outfits or work in your loungewear, this is likely the biggest culprit. When you know you don’t have to leave the house to work, it can be all too easy to skip the “getting dressed” part of the day, but this is what prepares us mentally.

A good morning routine is essential for a working day, regardless of whether you are leaving the house or not. It also brings with it a different mindset and attitude, which is something that is needed to keep us sane when we work from home.

No matter what clothing you choose to wear, it should not be the same clothes you choose to spend a lazy Sunday in, or any clothes that you wear to bed. Having specific outfits for work will get your brain in to gear and into work mode; rather than rest mode. Your mindset can have a huge impact on how you feel at work and how productive you are. Dressing the part can also make us feel the part.

The Right Outfit Can Boost Your Confidence

If you want to feel more confident in your job, the first thing you should look at changing is your clothing. We feel better about ourselves when we look better and sometimes a different outfit is all that is needed to find a different perspective on things. Choosing work suitable attire whilst working from home will boost your confidence and can help improve your work.

This can also be said if you are expected to host or take part in a work conference. If you are feeling nervous, wearing the same joggers that you wore the last 4 days isn’t going to help you get in a confident and professional mindset. Do you need some help dressing confidently? Check out this article.

Dressing Up Can Improve Your Mental Health

Working from home can have a toll on your mental health which causes people to take less care of themselves and their appearance. When we know people are not going to see us, we stop dressing up or even changing our clothes for days on end. It can seem fun at the start to be able to wear whatever we want, but taking this approach forever could lead to feelings of boredom, depression, and anxiety.

If you work from home and spend most of your time indoors, you may never get the opportunity to dress up. There doesn’t need to be an occasion to dress nice, so consider what outfits would make you feel good whilst working from home. Sprucing up your work outfit with a little jewellery or a dash of makeup is a nice change from the ordinary and can improve your mental health.

You don’t need to dress up for anyone else’s sake, sometimes it is nice to do it for yourself. There is nothing wrong with spending a few days working in your sweats, but make sure to change it up to improve your mental wellbeing and how you feel about yourself.

What To Wear When Working From Home

There are so many outfit choices that are suitable for working from home that combine comfort and class. When attending important work meetings, you should at least be making an effort with your top half but if you spend a lot of the time sat down, it is important that your bottom half is comfortable too. Instead of choosing jeans or tailored trousers, why not go for a maxi skirt or some jazzy pants.

Injecting a bit of colour into your work outfit can make things more exciting and the right colour can really improve your mood for the day. When it comes to your top half, try a blouse or shirt, teamed with an oversized blazer or cardigan. It can be nice to snuggle into this during lunch break and it can easily be taken off during work calls where you want to look more professional. Add some accessories, do your hair, and create a skincare routine for your morning.

What you wear when working from home can have a direct impact on how you feel, how productive and motivated you are, and your confidence. If you need a little pick me up, consider investing in some new work from home outfits that are both comfortable and stylish, so you can feel good and work better.


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