Dimple Thakrar is a beacon of transformation and spiritual enlightenment. As a bestselling author and renowned spiritual guide, she has dedicated her life to helping others reconnect with their true selves and unlock their fullest potential.

Through her profound insights, captivating storytelling, and powerful healing practices, Dimple guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Her unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern-day strategies has touched countless lives, making her a sought-after speaker on global platforms, including impactful podcasts and the prestigious Tony Robbins Impact Podcast. Dive into Dimple’s world and be inspired by her unwavering belief in the miracles that are available to us all.

Dimple, your journey seems incredibly transformative. Could you walk us through the pivotal moment when you reconnected your soul to your human body and how it influenced your path as a bestselling author and spiritual guide?

The moment Tony Robbins looked at me and said, “I see the love in you that you don’t see yet. It’s the reason I have spent so long with you today!” was the exact moment my heart chakra blew wide open and I allowed love in! It was the moment I allowed others, especially men, to see me.

This resulted in me becoming obsessed with saving my marriage and learning how to support other entrepreneurial couples in creating balance and outstanding relationships. It led to me developing my birth-given spiritual healing skills and channeling my bestselling book, The Roadmap to Purpose.

You’ve been featured on various impactful podcasts, each with its unique audience and focus. How do you tailor your message to resonate with diverse listeners, especially when discussing profound topics like love, peace, truth, and karma?

I don’t worry about the how; I focus on the why and then trust the words that are channeled through me. My primary focus and the one question I ask all my hosts is: Who is your audience, and what is their why? I trust in my knowledge, heart, and strength to raise love consciousness in the world. This is my big ‘why,’ and so when I focus on my why and the audience’s why, the magic just flows. I also trust that whoever is meant to receive this message will receive the exact words through me in their exact divine timing.

The Tony Robbins Impact Podcast is a platform with a global reach. Can you share with us how your experience on the show has shaped your perspective on personal development and reaching a wider audience?

It made it human. It made the stardom thing just disappear. We all deal with the same stuff. The key is: Can we navigate this world in love and joy no matter what life throws at us? The privilege of the podcast was mutual for me and Tony. It meant we had mutual respect for each other in an equal but very different way. The podcast also provided social proof for those who needed it of my brilliance and was super fun to do.

Your work seems to emphasize the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern-day challenges. How do you bridge the gap between ancient spiritual practices and contemporary life for your audience?

I don’t make them different. To me, they are the same. Woo-woo meets practical life; spirit meets strategy—they are all one to me. So, I call on people’s everyday experiences by explaining mine through storytelling to provide evidence that the human mind needs to convince themselves that they indeed use ancient wisdom to navigate their modern-day ‘challenges’ (I prefer to swap out challenges with opportunities).

The concept of “The Portal” sounds intriguing. Can you delve deeper into what it entails and how individuals can access their soul’s purpose, relationships, manifesting, and the quantum through this platform?

Now this is where the journey begins and all the juice is. The Portal and The Portal Ascension are containers that include my exact methods on not only how to delve deeper into your soul’s purpose but also how to clear all the blocks that we sabotage ourselves with in the past through energy healing!

“Miracles are possible and available for you.” This statement is powerful. Could you share a personal anecdote or a client’s story where this belief in miracles transformed their life in unexpected ways?

Absolutely! I had a client who lived in Australia, and I am UK-based. During our first telephone call, I had no idea about her medical condition. Within minutes of being on the phone with her, I felt a massive block in her back and told her she had a debilitating block in her lower back. We did a 45-minute audio healing session, and I felt my back pop—and so did she. After 15 years of experiencing back pain, where she was bed-bound and immobile and the doctors had explored all tests and couldn’t find an organic reason, she had no pain and started to walk again! She came to me initially because she wanted children but was fearful of the pain. Nine months later, she sent me a photo of her healthy newborn boy—conceived on the first try and very happy. Last week, at my Abundant You event, one woman who had suffered from hip pain and struggled to walk experienced no pain and could put her leg behind her head. Another lady who had a locked jaw for years was completely free of the jaw pain. Another lady cried as she felt her heart open and she cried with feeling love. These are miracles available to us all.

Quantumind appears to be a transformative program for impact-driven leaders. What inspired you to create this container, and what unique elements does it offer compared to other personal development programs?

OMG, this program is for those who believe in miracles and that they are available to them and want to expand in this area. It’s not your standard mastermind but more of a rocket ship to the land of the unknown where courageous, heart-centered souls hang out. If you can let go of needing to know all the details about Quantumind and trust your intuition, then this is the place for you! Like all my containers, they are inspired by listening to my intuition and noticing the gaps in the market for my audience. Many want to work with me one-to-one, but it is just not accessible for them, and so this is a great way to not only have a powerful community but also access group one-to-one and two one-to-one sessions with me.

You mentioned that Quantumind is not for the faint of heart. Can you elaborate on the level of commitment and dedication required from participants, and what they can expect in terms of accelerated transformation?

When you expand into the quantum, it requires a degree of belief in the unknown. Some call it blind faith—this is the piece that is not for the faint of heart. You have to be able to believe, without a shadow of a doubt, in your wildest dreams before you see evidence of them in this 3D world we call reality. The level of commitment to this way of living has to be 100%, and this is the level of commitment and dedication needed—100% All IN. Participants can expect all their wildest dreams—meeting their soulmates, creating financial abundance through loving what they do, unconditional happiness, soul-aligned work—really anything they dare to desire and dream possible for them and more.

Basic understanding of Quantum Physics seems to be a prerequisite for joining Quantumind. How do you simplify complex scientific concepts to make them accessible and relevant to individuals who may not have a background in physics?

I use many methods to simplify Quantum Physics in my Portal container. Physics does not have to be a prerequisite, but having faith in miracles and magic does. The reason I ask for Quantum Physics to be a prerequisite is because we move fast in Quantuminds. There is no time to convince people or teach the basics; that is available in The Portal or by attending one of my day seminars, Abundant You.

Energy healing is often met with skepticism in mainstream society. How do you address skeptics within your community, and what evidence or experiences do you offer to support the efficacy of energy healing practices?

I ask the skeptics: How do bones heal? How does your headache suddenly disappear when something more pressing takes your attention? Evidence: My dad’s healing from stage-four cancer in his bones and lymph nodes healed within six weeks with only two energy healing sessions and palliative care medication. His PSA blood levels went from 129 (this is very high) to 0 (this is normal). Doctors couldn’t believe it. They told him he had six months to live, and that was three years ago. He is cancer- and symptom-free. The doctors call him a miracle.

Your invitation to Quantumind emphasizes being heart-led and open to accelerated transformation. How do you cultivate a supportive and nurturing environment within the program to facilitate such profound shifts?

Simple, I lead with heart and stories of accelerated transformation in my life. I lead by example and become an energetic match for these qualities in the program.

Can you share some success stories from previous participants of Quantumind, highlighting the tangible outcomes they achieved in their work, home, and love lives after completing the program?

Without permission, this would not be possible as this is a safe, private space. However, if you need this evidence first before you join, this is not the place for you. The idea is that you trust in yourself and your power to create whatever it is you desire.

Dimple Thakrar

The power of the collective mind is emphasized in Quantumind. How do you harness the collective energy and intelligence of the group to amplify individual growth and breakthroughs?

By sharing stories and allowing self-support and group leadership. No hand-holding but pure trust in everyone’s power to lead themselves and others.

Clear goal-setting seems to be crucial for those joining Quantumind. How do you help participants clarify their goals and align them with their soul’s purpose and desires?

Clear goals are developed over the six months and are constantly changing. Most enter with clear goals, and they always evolve.

Your website mentions a “6-month container for impact-driven leaders ready to 10x every area of their lives.” What specific strategies or tools do you employ to facilitate such exponential growth within a relatively short time frame?

One word—Quantum. Because there is no time in the quantum. Therefore, things that would take years in the 3D world take no time in the quantum. It will seem like magic! I would highly recommend people attend my Abundant You seminar. The next one is on September 16th in London if they would love to understand Quantum Principles more.

The journey you offer through Quantumind seems profound and potentially life-altering. How do you support participants in integrating the insights and transformations gained during the program into their everyday lives beyond the six-month container?

I will let you know when we get to the six months

Honestly, so far, there is no need for integration because this is who they are. It’s a new identity, a way of being. They can’t go back to their old lives because it is unrecognizable.

For individuals considering joining Quantumind, what advice would you offer to help them prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the journey ahead?

No preparation is needed other than to trust your intuition and understand the principles of quantum physics—aka you believe you are the creator of your destiny.

As a bestselling author, you’ve likely encountered various perspectives on personal growth and spirituality. How do you navigate differing beliefs and opinions within your community while staying true to your own teachings and principles?

I honor and respect all people’s right to have their opinion and beliefs, and I choose to have mine. I live by mine, and how others live is none of my goddamn business. Living with love for all is my core principle. Do things that upset me? Yes, I am human, but I don’t blame others. I see it as a mirror for where I need to grow next, and I thank them for the opportunity to grow.

Dimple Thakrar

Your work seems deeply rooted in the belief that everyone has the potential to manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams. How do you help individuals overcome limiting beliefs and unlock their full potential?

Energy healing to clear subconscious beliefs that are often stuck in their bodies.

Our readers love to travel. What destination is at the top of your bucket list?

The Great Wall of China and Borneo.

Lastly, what does living a life beyond one’s wildest dreams mean to you personally, and how has your own journey shaped your understanding of this concept?

I thrive in the unknown. I surrender to control and the need to know, and I trust in the unexpected and firmly believe I am always safe and protected. It’s how I healed my marriage from the brink of divorce to extraordinary in months, how my hubby healed himself from cancer with no treatment, how I created seven figures in my mentor and healing business in 15 months, and how I met people like Dr. Joe Dispenza through manifesting to meeting in 10 days (full story on my podcast Beyond the Words).

Where can people follow you and find out more?

Visit www.Dimpleglobal.com.

Want to experience the quantum yourself? Join me at my live show in London: Abundant You.

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