Boats are a big investment. If you have one, then chances are you didn’t make the purchase lightly.

Over the last year, boat sales have surged to record levels for a variety of reasons. Travel restrictions, beating pandemic blues, and unaffordable homes have led many people to enjoy life on the water. Still, that upward trajectory can’t last forever, and sooner or later, some boat owners may wish to reverse their decision.

There’s no shame in a change of heart a few weeks, months, or years later. After all, if people can trade their houses and flats for a boat, the opposite should also be acceptable.

You may be in a place now where the selling of your boat seems like an appealing option. If you want to see this process through, keep reading for tips on making it all as painless as possible.

Prepare the Boat

Before selling their homes, many people will renovate their properties to raise their value. You can follow a similar logic with your boat.

You may need to be meticulous in your role here. Ensure that your vessel undergoes a deep clean and that even the smallest of missing screws are replaced. The boat should also be presented with as much warmth as possible. If people could feasibly live onboard, then a homely warmth should resonate throughout the interior. New furnishings could be a good idea.

Remember that you can’t sell your boat while you have outstanding fees for bills and maintenance pending. Make sure all of those are paid off in full first. Ultimately, the more effort you put in with preparations, the smoother the process shall be.

Take Excellent Pictures

When you’re selling your boat online, positive first impressions are crucial. Prospective buyers need to be enraptured immediately.

To gain their attention, you’ll need to post stunning pictures of your boat. Achieving this will involve:

  • Investing in a high-quality camera.
  • Getting photos showing the boat stationary and in motion.
  • Snapping shots from every angle.
  • Refraining from using filters and other misleading editing effects.

You need to be thorough and honest here. Some salespeople embellish their offerings, but you can’t afford to do the same. Remember that most buyers will have surveys carried out before purchase, so any misleading images will surely be exposed at that time.

Reflect on what you looked for when you were a prospective boat buyer as well. What were the types of things you liked to see? Make sure your images are complemented by a written description of the equipment and facilities that come with your boat.

Use the Right Services

Selling your boat can be a lot easier when you work with the right services. For example, TheYachtMarket has many types of boats for sale – including your own, potentially! From yachts to dingies, it can all be displayed on their site for 3 months for a set fee. Unlimited photos come with the deal also. If you’re selling your boat so that you can upgrade to a bigger and better vessel, then you’ll surely find what you need with them as they have broad price ranges available too.

Flexibility is essential with the services you work with. Some may happily handle much of the legal logistics and paperwork too. In the end, while some things can be sold on eBay or your Facebook page, listing your boat with a reputable company will help you sell far more efficiently.

Interpret Your Emotions Rationally

People have a natural affinity with their boats. In some cases, a deep emotional bond can form.

Ships and boats have a long history of being gendered as female and referred to fondly. There are also traditions around goddess-like figures guiding ships and their crews to safety while on a voyage. Of course, the extent of your affections may vary, but if you and your boat have been through a lot together, the act of selling it may still cause you distress.

Don’t underestimate these emotions. Remember that people can get weepy when selling homes and cars too. Try not to interpret any eventual sadness as doubt, weakness, or regret, but simply recognise that it’s a common part of the process. Your reasons for selling your boat are likely sound, so don’t let yourself become undone by a brief wobble.

You can always fondly reflect on the good times too. Perhaps create a collage or photo album of the memories you’ve long cherished onboard. Take your boat out for one last trip with friends or family too, and give it the send-off it deserves if it makes you feel better.


Your approach to selling your boat can make a big difference over how many complications you can expect. Do your due diligence and prepare your boat effectively. Make sure any advertising materials you publish are accurate to the character and condition of the vessel. Keep in mind that stellar support services are available that can facilitate the sales process. After that, you must simply remain committed to your decision and acknowledge when it’s time to say goodbye to your boat.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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