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Your Guide to Starting a Fashion Label

Your Guide to Starting a Fashion Label

When coming out of this pandemic, it's of utmost importance to stimulate the economy.

May 23rd, 2021

When coming out of this pandemic, it’s of utmost importance to stimulate the economy. One of the major side effects from voluntary quarantine has been severe uncertainty and a lack of confidence. This can be a result of a lack of social stimulation, among other psychological reasonings. If you’re feeling inspired to give back some confidence to the masses and you’ve got an eye for fashion, you’re on the right path by starting your own fashion label.

Starting a business of any kind can be incredibly nerve-racking, but people are itching to get out of the house and live a normal life again. Everyone will be ready to buy new outfits for the next time they can go out in public. Your sense of fashion might be exactly what the world needs, so don’t be selfish! Give the world what it’s missing. If you’re feeling unsure about where to start, here are a few tips.

Track your sales.

This is pertinent to any business in sales. Enhanced Retail Solutions (enhancedretailsolutions.com) is a site that collects, integrates and interprets data to improve their clients’ ability to make decisions about what merchandise to purchase. This company specializes in inventory, analytics, and reporting to maximize your personal business knowledge through expertise, technology, and engagement.

Enhanced Retail Solutions is a service-oriented business with the goal of helping retailers like you turn over your inventory quickly and thus maximize your profit, forecast business projections more accurately, and provide deeper visibility into your sales. Their passion is in collecting, integrating, and interpreting your business data to help improve your merchandise decision-making ability. All of this information about your business is available on a single platform that you should certainly invest in.

Take some tips from the experts.

The fashion industry can be a tricky business to break into, so it’s wise to take notes from the experts. Take Courtney Sarofim, for example. Courtney is a graduate of Columbia University and the University of Houston, who also married into the billionaire Sarofim family by marrying Christopher Sarofim of Fayez Sarofim. Though she may get the Sarofim name through her husband, she is a powerful force on her own. She attended law school at The University of Houston Law Center, which is one of the top thirty law schools in the nation.

Because of her connections in New York through Columbia University, she gained somewhat of a reputation as a socialite in New York City. She certainly proved herself as having an eye for fashion, and this no doubt paid off when she decided to partner with designer Adam Lippes. His resume includes designing for Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta, two major brands in the fashion industry. Courtney held a trunk show in her home with Lippes’s items for sale, and they’ve been friends ever since. Together they are building an empire of fashionable and wearable clothing. Courtney said it best herself, “I always feel well-dressed and unfussy in his beautiful clothes.”

In these times, it’s important to provide the people with comfort as things go back to a new normal. Make sure that your fashion label is approachable and accessible in some way, but still make your customer feel like they just came from a fashion show. Be the fashion label that a fashion blogger will gush over.

It doesn’t have to be apparel.

People, now more than ever, want to feel beautiful from head to toe. There is nothing like a good pair of lashes to tie a look together. Most of the time, there’s something missing from the perfect outfit. A set of lashes not only ties a makeup look together, it can bring an entire outfit together as well. The best part about about these is that they don’t require the time and expense of lash extensions.

Your fashion label lashes are going to be worth the investment; most people don’t have the time or money to invest in the upkeep associated with lash extensions or a lash lift. If you carry a range of lash types in your glam lash studio, including a natural lash, a full-glam lash, and a cat-eye lash, your clients will always feel like they’ve been to a lash technician.

If you want to own your very own brand of glam lash products, follow these two vital rules. First, make sure that your client knows to blend in their natural lashes with a light coat of mascara after applying the false lash. Second, advise your clients to do their eyebrows when they plan to wear lashes, as this will create a sense of balance in their overall makeup look. As always, be sure you know the FDA regulations on false eyelashes and magnetic lashes before investing in this product.

Your fashion label is going to help stimulate the economy, which the U.S. needs desperately as things begin to open back up. To maximize the success of your fashion label, be sure to consider expanding beyond apparel, keep careful track of your inventory flow, and take some notes from the experts.



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