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You’re Only as Old as Your Subjective Age

You’re Only as Old as Your Subjective Age

Are you easily annoyed by people constantly asking for your age? Do you feel younger or older than you really are?

November 12th, 2019

Are you easily annoyed by people constantly asking for your age? Do you feel younger or older than you really are? Or does looking young make you want to get older fast? Fear not, for you are not alone.

A lot of people, in fact, do feel that their mental age, or subjective age, is far from their actual age.

Many feel younger or older than they really are. People also view aging differently and go through life with varying experiences from others, which shows that not everybody feels the same way. Scientists today have become more interested in how people view their ages as this can affect their life perspectives.

They want to know whether they flourish as they grow older or end up with a life they may soon regret.

Young at Heart

Subjective age has also been seen to determine health outcomes and your risk of death. In other words, people who feel younger than they really are, are less likely to develop depression or dementia and may have greater well-being and physical health.

On the other hand, if you feel forgetful, depressed, or vulnerable; often, you may tend to feel older. This becomes a cycle that can lead to poorer physical and mental health conditions. There are many upsides, however, to feeling younger than your years compared to feeling older.

While subjective age is just a factor of living a better life, it certainly helps if you’re feeling younger and more energetic. This is why people take effort into looking younger physically and avoid aging signs similar to hair loss and wrinkles.

In the Philippines, people use anti-aging creams,shampoos for hair fall, and even resort to taking oral medications just to look and feel young, just like some celebrities in the Philippines.Here are some ideas to reflect on if you’re tired of feeling older than you are:

  • A Brighter Side of Life. Being young means finding fun and humor in a lot of things. If you’re too serious in life, try having fun once in a while and embrace the good things the day can bring, no matter how difficult life may be. Appreciate the small things in life and make the most out of them, like being praised for a job well done.
  • Trying New Things. Children love exploring and try to learn new skills and activities as much as they can. Learning a new language and engaging in alien activities, for example, can give you back the sense of curiosity discovery you once held as a kid.
  • No Grudges. Trying to live younger means living a more content life, along with living in the moment and letting go of grudges. Don’t hold bad feelings for too long and remember the positive experiences, especially towards people who once made you happy or are hurting you right now.
  • Acknowledging your Scars. Trying to live younger doesn’t mean ignoring and repressing the wounds and responsibilities of adulthood; instead, be proud of them for making you who you are and continue living a younger life.

A World of Subjective Ages

People have unique experiences and circumstances that make them feel younger or older. Death of a loved one, increased responsibilities, and other hardships may make you feel older than you are; however, this can become an endless cycle that will continuously affect your mindset or even physical health.

To combat life’s endless cycle, it can be nice to have seen the viewpoint of a younger person by being more content and interested in what life has to offer and learning new perspectives in life.



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