Every package has its advantage and disadvantages. If you are experiencing something thrilling for the first and foremost time, you will come across challenges in your life.

This is because you do not know about such situations and circumstances on a day-to-day basis. We know you are looking eagerly to your next Dubai trip. But you must know and clear some myths about this exotic desert safari journey.

There are certain myths about the desert safari in Dubai. By clearing these traveling barriers, you will encounter this memorable instant in your life.

In this post, these are the following ten myths that individuals have about the desert safari in Dubai.

1) Camel Ride is merely a short walk

The camels have the same sight as humans, so they cannot see in the dark. Therefore, the long nighttime walks into the desert are kind of risky.

Moreover, it gets spooky out there. You may try the long camel ride if you want to make your fantasy come true.

2) Most Desert Safari is always crowded

Most desert safaris in Dubai are crowded if you tend to book at the last minute. There are also seasonal rushes.

Moreover, standard desert safari organizers will make sure your journey is smooth. Plus, they will not YY safari vehicle. Therefore, properly research the itinerary and packages beforehand.

3) Your trip is wasted if your car is stuck in the dunes

Mishappenings happen, and you might face inconvenience. If your car gets stuck in the dunes, then there are vehicle drivers at your aid. They have such a bunch of such situations and are pretty used to it.

Moreover, let the experts do their work as you stand behind and watch it. Don’t panic or fret. Just relish your adventurous ride.

4) All desert safaris in Dubai are quite similar

Travelers will receive only whatever they pay money for. Moreover, each desert safari organizer offers you different stuff. There are also classifications like luxury safaris, medium safaris, and budget-friendly safaris.

Do not blame the organizers if the package you chose was not the best. Choose accordingly to entertain and have fun!

5) The fee of the Safari is pricey

The fee actually depends upon the package you pick and the duration you opt for. Moreover, an approximate standard safari takes up to 5 to 6 hours and will cost you up to 350 to 650 dirhams.

Based on the luxury deals and budget deals, the fee will definitely vary respectively.

6) At the Hotel counter, you gain the finest deals

Many think that if you are a local, then you will probably get the best deals for desert safari. But this Hotel administration has certain contracted organizers which they would suggest. But they will not understand your preference and needs.

Moreover, they will not recommend you the best package. So do your own research online and find the suitable package for your requirements and needs.

7) Without Dune Bashing, the Dubai Desert Safari is unfinished

Indeed dune bashing is perilous to the environment and quite risky for old visitors and kids on the safari. A properly trained guide and driver will not encourage this ride.

Moreover, you might be inclined to some injuries and other health issues in a Dune Bashing safari ride.

8) Tanoura & Bellydancing- traditional folk dances

Tanoura & Bellydancing are essential factors of the Dubai desert safari. Moreover, they don’t resemble the historical and ancient ancestral origins of Emirati culture.

They are merely tourist attractions that will give a peek at the local history and culture.

9) You will obtain the best deal at the last minute

The above myth is undoubtedly wrong. Sometimes they are spaces in certain desert safaris packages.

If you are trying to place a seasonal booking then avoid last-minute bookings. Moreover, such last-minute deals will not let you enjoy this trip.

10) You will consistently see tons of animals

Indeed the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve has proposed certain strict guidelines and policies to not bother or trouble the natural habitat of the desert animals. If you are lucky, you may see some exotic ones!

Wrapping it up

So, we hope you would have learned the top 10 myths from this post. If you are preparing to visit the desert safari in Dubai, we suggest you just chill and totally enjoy your trip.

Do not read loads of reviews and come up with assumptions. Properly research online and read the other sources before choosing and coming to a conclusion about a particular safari package. Suggest your ideas in the comments.

Moreover, you must remember that whatever money you spend must be worth the trip on the unforgettable desert safari in Dubai. Go and experience the true style of the desert safari in Dubai!


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