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5 Fashion and Beauty Trends of All Time

5 Fashion and Beauty Trends of All Time

Fashion trends change all the time, sometimes even faster than we can get the hang of them.

September 23rd, 2019

Fashion trends change all the time, sometimes even faster than we can get the hang of them. However, just as history repeats itself, old trends come back to life from time to time via vintage fashion, but of course, there are also some trends that never die. Can you imagine a day where little black dresses aren’t an essential part of a lady’s wardrobe? The same goes for beauty trends, because even though hairstyles change, there are some universal beauty trends that always seem to last. Here are some of our favorites.

The bold and daring miniskirt

There are only a few moments that have made such a revolution in the fashion industry as the miniskirt. The most controversial clothing item of the 60s was not something that suddenly came up, but rather a result of accumulated pressure for women to hide their sexuality and appeal. As designer Mary Quant explains, if you made knee-long skirts in the 60s, women would still crop them on their own to make them shorter. This trend became overwhelming very fast, and today the miniskirt resembles the revolutionary power of women to fight for their right to feel comfortable as they are. As daring as it may be, thanks to the miniskirt, women can also normally wear pants and walk around in a tasteful and stylish manner.

Natural makeup looks

As the makeup industry developed, more and more colors came to be introduced in women’s looks. Bold makeup filled with glitter and glam was the absolute highlight of the 70s and 80s. However, clinical testing on animals and some later proven setbacks of makeup led to a change in the industry. Nowadays, and presumably in the future, makeup trends will continue developing in a way to promote natural looks. The goal is to use makeup to emphasize your beautiful facial features and sometimes cover the imperfections, while the time of heavy foundation and layers of eyeliner is slowly passing. Embrace your natural beauty by using cruelty-free products made from natural ingredients in order to help your skin stay healthy and young for the longest.

The timeless jumpsuit for classy women

Women who like to move around freely know that a quality jumpsuit gives them a fair advantage. Jumpsuits came to be extremely popular in the 90s when they were worn by women, men, children, and some even dressed their pets in cute little jumpsuits. This piece of clothing is utterly practical when you want to keep your back and stomach warm and secured, while you also avoid taking too much time on your daily styling routine. Jumpsuits are easy to style, and you are basically good to go just by completing the style with an elegant clutch and a pair of statement earrings. Plus, there are tons of different models, sizes, lengths and colors to choose from to fit basically any taste. If you're a fan of the jumpsuit but wish to modernise it, these hot co ord sets for women are worth a look.

Leggings for all occasions

If you were ever a fan of the famous 80s look where leggings were worn with leg warmers, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and scrunchies, then you know why this piece of clothing is a necessary part of a woman’s closet. Leggings come in the most versatile range of prints and colors, so the spandex kingdom has models to offer for each and every occasion. The glitz and glam leggings are perfect for a night out if you keep the rest of your outfit basic, but you can also use plain, black leggings as the base underneath your short dress in order to make it look more tasteful. It’s needless to say that there’s no better clothing piece for an exercise session, just as long as you choose dri-fit models.

Embracing your body with bodycon dresses

Another great advancement in the field of fashion was made when bodycon dresses were introduced. Women were finally able to show their wonderful curves and express them in a way that sends a message: “I am not ashamed of my body.” These tight-fitting dresses with gut-busting fabric technology enable women who like to hide their love handles to make them disappear, as well as any excess stomach fat. The elastic materials come in many different patterns and built-in shapewear, so that ladies needn’t worry about finding just the right one. The trend we are talking about here is expressing your body in a way that makes you feel empowered and free.

Don’t forget that every trend is only as good as you implement it. There are some boundaries that might be considered distasteful to cross, and if you do so, you might start feeling uncomfortable. Good taste is a matter of balance and harmony, so as long as you make yourself feel good and don’t make anyone around you uncomfortable, you are on the right track.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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