Flowers and plants can be pretty to look at, but they also have a major positive effect on your health and wellbeing. Several types of research have proven that plants and flowers make you more productive, improve your mood, and have a positive effect on your health.

For our emotional and physical wellbeing, the environment around us plays a vital role. In hard times, it gets hard to focus on the bright side of a situation. When this happens, the things around us help us to focus on positivity and reduce our stress.

So let’s examine the role that flowers play in improving our enjoyment of life.

Flowers stimulate positive emotions

It’s often said that flowers have mood boosting properties, and placing arrangements around the home can improve your mood and reduce stress. There’s an important reason for this. Flowers are a beautiful part of nature, and so feeling a bit of happiness at seeing flowers is simply natural.

However there’s also a bit of color psychology at play. While there isn’t much empirical research available on color psychology, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence in marketing, art, interior design, and other fields.

It may simply be a memetic association, being told that yellow makes you feel feel happy and optimistic, so you come to associate yellow with happiness and optimism. Or red with passion and love.

Whatever the case, colors brighten up our lives. It stands to reason that because flowers come in a variety of colors, they can be chosen to reflect the mood of a room, and create ambiance.

Boosts healing procedure

Flowers have long been traditionally sent to hospital patients along with “get well” wishes, but there’s actually scientific evidence that flowers do actually have beneficial effects on patient recovery.

According to the above published research papers, “contact with plants is directly beneficial to a hospital patient’s health […] Patients with plants in their rooms had significantly fewer intakes of pain medication, more positive physiological responses (lower blood pressure and heart rate), less pain, anxiety, and fatigue, and better overall positive and higher satisfaction with their recovery rooms than their counterparts in the control group without plants in their rooms.”

Flowers enhance the connection between people

Flowers make a thoughtful gift for many different occasions, as a way of expressing a feeling or sentiment. You might send flowers to your mother for Mother’s Day, or give a bouquet of roses to a romantic partner, as expressions of love and endearment.

You might also give a co-worker flowers on their birthday, or to pay respects to someone that has lost a loved one. In all these cases, the giving of the flowers serves different meanings, but they overall strengthen the connection between two people.

Furthermore, gifting flowers or plants to your loved ones on special occasions or any random day can tell them how much their existence in your life means to you and you love them to the fullest. Which also improves the relationships and understanding.

Enhance a person’s performance

Keeping yourself around plants and flowers gives you an increased emotion of liveliness, increases your energy levels, and makes you feel happier. The clear and enhanced state of mind and heart effects and enhances your performance.

Being around plants can affect your life and performance at the workplace and home positively. Also, the natural environment has a great role in increasing your energy levels. Plants and flowers can change your way of thinking for life positively and make you lively and active.

Flowers and plants stimulate optimism

People who keep plants and flowers around the home are likely to be outdoorsy people. They tend to have a more optimistic vision of life in general.

Being in a natural environment and physically interacting with plants and flowers grows people’s feelings and emotions for liveliness and energy. Moreover, it also has a huge positive impact on their mind and improves their mental health.

Keeping plants and flowers lessens their stress. Plants comfort human beings and give a positive way for people to process their stress, depression, and frustration. This provides them with happiness and positive energy.


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