There’s nothing better than a delicious breakfast to kickstart the work week, but Breakfast En Bread’s loaded buns certainly take breakfast to new bready heights. Breakfast En Bread has been delighting breakfast lovers since 2014 with is scrumptious loaded bread loaves and now you can order them in for Next-Day Delivery too.

You can get all the loaded bread favourites like The Original, Smokey Salmon, Vegetarian and Vegan or add a splash of bubbles with ‘The Furnace Sparkling Wine Box’ which includes a 750ml bottle of The Wren English Reserve Sparkling Wine.

We sampled the loaded vegan bread loaf, which arrived just in time to perk up our Monday morning breakfast situation. All of Breakfast en Bread’s ingredients are sourced form the best local fishmongers, free-range butchers and seasonal vegetables in the UK.

The new Vegan loaded bread loaf, a totally new addition to the Breakfast en Bread menu for 2021, combines its Gail’s Bakery sourdough lined with kale and overflowing with delicious cannellini beans, smothered in rich passata sauce. Don’t be fooled, because that yellow round thing in the centre of the loaf is certainly not an egg, but instead a preserved lemon adding zest to the hearty bready breakfast concoction.

Oyster mushrooms, slow-roasted banana shallot and a healthy serving of vegan mozzarella finish the loaf, adding plenty of surprise and flavour to your breakfast. We must warn you; you better bring your appetite when ordering one of Breakfast en Bread’s loaves – because they certainly don’t scrimp on the goodness, giving you a bang for your buck.

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