An Equipment-Free Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Most people in these modern times have a busy work schedule, and that leaves them with no time to do most of the very vital activities in their lives, something [...]

Most people in these modern times have a busy work schedule, and that leaves them with no time to do most of the very vital activities in their lives, something that is quintessential for living a healthy life.

For those who know the famous Gigi Hadid, they simply cannot deny the great body of this Victoria Secret Model despite her busy working schedule. No doubt, she has her trainer Rob Piela to thank for maintaining her fitness routine.

Just like the way you will want to create some time to access a UK casino like Red Spins casino online and other such modes of entertainment, you should keep a check on your body and its exercise demands. And in fact, fitness should come first. So, what is it that you can do to ensure yourself a fit body. Here are some tips from Piela for an equipment-free workout.

Warming Up
Whether it’s in the evening after work or after waking up in the morning, you should do 2 sets of the moves below without resting. It raises your core temperature, loosens your muscles and sets your heart racing.

Body weight squats for 10 repetitions

Jumping Jacks for 25 repetitions

Alternating forward lunges for 20 repetitions

High knees for 25 repetitions

After that, you move to the workout as follows, and you should also do 2 sets of each without resting

Push-ups for 10 repetitions – Begin in a high position and hands flat on the floor, wrist under shoulder and shoulder-width apart. Body in 1 long line

Sit-ups with Twist for 10 repetitions
Lie facing up while knees are bent, hands behind the head and heels on the floor. Sit up by engaging your core but don’t pull your neck. In a sitting position, bring elbow to your knee twisting the body to that side. Repeat on the other side and lay back again to repeat.

Tricep Dips for 10 repetitions
Sit with legs in front, feet flat on the floor. Place palms behind you on the ground, fingers facing forward. Lift yourself and your butt to touch ground every time.

Wall Sits for 30 seconds
Stand with feet together, back on the wall and hands on the hips. You can put them in the chest together. Bend knees until thighs are parallel. Lift one leg for the added challenge if you can.

Single-Leg Calf Raises for 15 repetitions
Stand while feet are hip-apart. Raise knee to hip level and be stable. Tighten your core and lift the heel high. Lower and repeat on the other for fifteen times.

Squat Jumps for 15 repetitions
Stand up, feet straight and wider than hip distance. Push your butt back like trying to sit and bend knees while the chest is straight. Jump in the air for the repetitions.

For Cardio and Core Finisher, do the following set without resting

Mountain Climbers for 30 seconds

Plank for 30 seconds

Burpees for 30 seconds

V-ups for 30 seconds

These moves can go a long way to ensure you get the daily workout and cut the accumulating flab in your body due to sitting long hours and unhealthy binging.

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