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Are you a Travel Blogger? Here's How to Keep your Tech Safe During your Travels

Are you a Travel Blogger? Here's How to Keep your Tech Safe During your Travels

Traveling is a great way to broaden your horizons, boost your mental health, meet people from different cultures and backgrounds,

March 28th, 2023

Traveling is a great way to broaden your horizons, boost your mental health, meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, improve your communication skills, and make unforgettable memories. In simple terms, travel is one of the best teachers to help you become a decent global citizen.

However, traveling can also be a source of stress for some people as they cannot decide what they must take with them. One of the biggest questions people ask when packing for their travels is that of technology. Since technology is part and parcel of modern life, you cannot travel anywhere without your standard gadgets.

In terms of tech, you must decide what to carry. It would be best to pack those gadgets you need to use consistently and leave behind those you will use maybe once or never during your travels. For instance, the essential tech to pack is your laptop, tablet, phone, camera, gimbals, GoPro, etc.

One of the most common reasons why most travelers feel nervous carrying their gadgets is because they don't want their tech damaged or broken. Therefore, you must always keep your gadgets in a waterproof, padded environment. But if your phone or laptop gets damaged, it is essential to know how to reset iMac computer. Resetting your Mac to factory settings will allow your device to function as brand new.

Continue reading to know how you can keep your tech safe during travels.

Install the Latest Updates

Whether it is a gaming device, smartphone, or laptop, you must update the software to the latest version. Updating will ensure your device can access the latest security features and bug fixes. This is one of the best defenses against malware and viruses. Additionally, you must install antivirus software and keep it updated.

Strengthen the Security of your Device

Use password protection to strengthen the security of your phone, laptop, or tablet. You can also enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) or MFA (multi-factor authentication) to add an extra layer of protection. When these are enabled for your online accounts, nobody will be able to access your accounts. Whenever you try to log into your accounts, you must enter the password and the one-time security code sent to your phone or email. You may even have to use biometric identification to verify it is you.

Back up all the Essential Details

It is essential to back up all the essential details of your device so that your data is safe even if it encounters problems. For example, suppose you have misplaced your phone or laptop. You can easily recover your data in the new device if your data is backed up.

For instance, if you are using Apple devices, you can turn on automatic sync to iCloud. Your data will be backed up to the cloud storage, and you can quickly download the files on any of your Apple devices using the same Apple ID.

Always Lock your Device when not using it

You must make it a point to lock your device if you are not using it. Check the timeout settings and set your phone or laptop to lock after a short period. The password must be strong and unique, which cannot be easily hacked.

Enable the Feature to Locate your Device

It is best to turn on Find My for Apple devices and Find My Device for Android devices. If you misplace your device, this feature will help you to track your device.

Be Safe When using public Wi-Fi

It is not the safest option to use public Wi-Fi networks. However, if there's no other option and you must connect to public Wi-Fi, ensure to use a premium VPN.

The VPN service will mask your IP address and encrypt your Internet traffic. As a result, it will keep your information and data safe even though you are connected to an unsecured Internet connection.

Ensure to get Traveler's Insurance

If you are traveling with expensive equipment, it is essential to get traveler's insurance. You must ensure the insurance covers all the different circumstances. Therefore, you will get a full refund if your gadget is lost or stolen.

Store your Gadgets in Locked Compartments

When you are not using your equipment, ensure to keep it locked in a safe place. If it is kept out of sight, keep it locked away. Also, it would be best to carry them in specialized bags and pouches to remain safe during your travels.

Do not expose your Gadgets to Extreme Weather Conditions or Temperature

It would be best not to expose your gadgets to extreme weather conditions. If your devices get too cold or too hot, they will not function properly.

Generally, you must keep your devices away from direct sunlight and cover them from potential rain. If you must carry your devices during extreme weather conditions, ensure you are properly prepared.


So, travel without worrying by keeping these tips in mind. Your tech will remain safe, and you will have the best time!

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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