Don’t say it too loudly, but it seems like we here in the UK might actually be able to leave not only our homes, but our cities this summer. The sun is shining, the vaccines are incoming, and the restrictions are slowly lifting, and doesn’t it feel wonderful to have some optimism in our lives right now? While jetting off to far-flung destinations around the globe may have to wait a while longer yet, we have all our fingers crossed that we can look forward to getting away here in the UK for some much-needed rest, relaxation and looking at some different scenery.

And while it is very easy to get very excited about the prospect of going somewhere that is further than one hour’s walking distance from our front door, it is important to remember that, as with all things in this pandemic reality, a little caution and a lot of preparation are vital when it comes to making sure that you stay safe, stay healthy, and steer clear of too much damage should things fall through. With that in mind, here are a few things that anyone who is planning a summer holiday needs to have before they relax.

Make Sure That You Have A Reusable Water Bottle

It goes without saying that we all hope that we can look forward to a little indoor restaurant and pub time this summer, but what about the journey there? We should all be looking for ways to minimise our use of non-reusable containers at any rate, but it is doubly important at a time when we need to try and keep ourselves infection free. So, make sure that you have a reusable water bottle or container with you to avoid having to look for a corner shop or drinks trolley.

Don’t Forget The Masks And Hand Sanitiser

At this point, we are sure that these two items are up there with “keys”, “phone” and “wallet/purse” when it comes to the pre-leaving the house pocket pat-down, but if you are making any plans to get away this summer, it is going to be so important that you make sure that you can stay safe and stay sanitised. It still remains to be seen what the restrictions will be by the time the summer rolls around, but it will almost certainly be a good idea to make sure that you mask up before you go anywhere and making sure that you are constantly cleaning your hands is going to be vital for some time to come yet.

Don’t Leave Home Without Enough Power

Now, getting back to those evergreen travel packing essentials: this wouldn’t be a list of “don’t forget to pack…” items without mentioning a phone charger, would it? You probably won’t be needing to look into an adapter to hook up your devices to international power sockets just yet, but do make sure that you have a charger, and a portable charger, with you at all times. You never know when you’ll need your phone urgently, and you can guarantee that it will be the moment when it starts running out of juice.

Make Sure That You Have Got All Your Vape Gear With You

Anyone who vapes will tell you that there is nothing worse than reaching for your e-cigarette and realising that you have run out of sub ohm liquid. Just like your phone’s battery percentage, it’s the kind of thing that will always be running low just when you need it the most, so make sure that you have stocked up properly before you get going, and that includes making sure that you have plenty of batteries and replacement coils too. And since you’re going on holiday, why not treat your tastebuds to a new liquid flavour? Aquavape has all kinds of different UK made e-liquid to satisfy all palates, and they offer same-day dispatch on orders made before 1pm if you’re one of those last-minute packers.

Prepare For The British Summer Weather

As much as we are all dreaming of lying out there on the beach soaking up the sunshine or going for beautiful walks in the countryside without a care in the world, no one can afford to underestimate the unpredictable beast that is the Great British Summer weather. If you plan for sunshine, you’ll get a week of rain. If you’re expecting the outlook to be cold and wet, you are going to be blasted with the hottest temperatures on record. As we saw in March, there’s just no predicting it!

So, the only thing you can do is prepare for every eventuality and to expect the unexpected. Look for lightweight waterproof options, take at least two different kinds of walking shoes just in case, and remember that whenever you go on holiday in Great Britain you should always bring a jumper.


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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