The Oblique Life is a London based Membership Club and Lifestyle Management Service that puts community first.

Tailored towards like-minded people from all walks of life who are welcoming, social and passionate about new experiences, The Oblique Life is revolutionising how Londoners meet people by creating a membership that pioneers a social slant on experiences and community-driven events in the digital age.

The family-run start-up was founded by the Sumaria brothers: Romi, Shonil and Keyu, with the ambition to combine fun and welcoming experiences with a 24/7 personal assistant to help members with both every day and special tasks.

For all Londoners or London visitors, Oblique Life London is a members club that gives so much to all its members including food & drink events, health and fitness events, cultural experiences, music events, travel experiences and so much more.

As #TeamCoco are well and truly into food & drink we decided to focus on this element of Oblique Life for our little feature below.

Oblique Supper Club

At The Oblique Life, members love going to restaurants just like the next person. However, food means something much greater to them; it is a sign of London’s different cultures and a vehicle in which communities come together.

Focusing on everything from the hospitality to the food, The Oblique Life has handpicked London’s most authentic international restaurants to collaborate on their monthly supper clubs. In exclusive, private spaces, top venues will develop bespoke menus for Oblique Life guests. While traditional supper clubs can be pegged as echo chambers for the customs and members of the institution, te team at Oblique Life are confident that innovation and evolution will lie at the heart of theirs, regardless of the venue, cuisine or guests.

The Cocktail Club

In London, a night out often involves visiting multiple cocktail bars, staring quizzically at the menu, and then robotically ordering a mojito or a margarita. The Oblique Life want to enhance their members’ knowledge and appreciation of cocktails with the launch of a new monthly experience, ‘The Cocktail Club’.

Every month The Oblique Life will partner with one of London’s best cocktail bars and introduce members to different spirits and creative cocktails, all while they drink and enjoy each others’ company.

Search online for The Oblique Life London for more info.


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