As we enter the part of 2020 that we were all dreadfully hopeful we’d avoid, the big question on everyone’s lips is ‘how many more Zoom quizzes can we take?!’

Fear not quarantine pals, during lockdown pt.1 the House of Coco team took part in what can only be described as forced fun that turned into the best night we’ve all had together. Here’s why we think you should organise a Digital Murder Mystery too.

Just like any other murder mystery you receive your character in advance. With Digital Murder Mystery, you all receive an email with your character, traits, back story, zoom backgrounds, and a paragraph to use at a certain time when you are called upon.

Within the pack you receive they also supply dinner and cocktail recipe ideas to suit your chosen theme. How cute!

In terms of themes you have the choice from Runaway Rudolph, The Grand Horror Hotel, Studio 54, Alice in Wonderland, Vintage Circus, 1960s Acapulco, and more.

As it was summer, we choose the exclusivity of 1960s Acapulco! Our glamorous leader Laura played Madam Acapulco, who hosted a tropical beach party high upon the cliffs of Acapulco. I can’t reveal who died, nor can I reveal who did it, but what I can tell you is that it will be the best zoom night of your life.

All of your friends together, dressed up as their characters drinking their home made cocktails (all the same), it really does feel like you’re all together. The one person that’s there who you do not know is the host of your party, ours being the detective of the case and he was brilliant.

There are a few surprises along the way during the immersive parties and for under £20 each, if there’s 12 of you, you really feel like you’ve got your money’s worth. You can do it all yourself through with their download ready kits for just £69.

So, all of a sudden it’s Winter 2020, it’s not what any of us thought it would be, but after being part of the event with Digital Murder Mystery, I can see a way through it. It’s not another Zoom quiz, it’s nothing like it. You really do feel as though you’re in the same room as your favourite people. And if you don’t have 11 other people you would consider friends and family, then organise it for work, they’ll love you for it!

Buy yours now at Digital Murder Mystery.


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