During this pandemic, couples have been forced to spend a lot of time together and the lucky ones who have made it through without killing each other really deserve a medal! After such a long period of time being cooped up in the house with no time to themselves, there may be many couples you know that deserve a gift just to remind them of the light at the end of the tunnel. When it comes to choosing the ideal gift for your favourite couple, you might not know where to start. Choosing a gift that suits both of them is the best way to do it but can also be quite tricky. Whether these lovebirds are foodies, adventure lovers or enjoy spending time in their home, there’s an option for everyone. There’s never been a better time to send them a gift to improve their living rooms, such as accessories like pillows, blankets and lamps. If you don’t like the idea of buying them home items or you don’t know what will match their style, send them food, like chocolates, sweets or cakes. A present like this is never too hard to find and is always well received. No matter what your budget is, the list of our favorite couples’ gifts below is guaranteed to give you some options!

Game Mugs

In a pandemic, games become the best way to bond and keep your sanity. They’re not only fun, but they can also help keep tensions down. If you’re looking for a thoughtful and inexpensive gift that will bring the couple together during an anxious time, consider picking up a game mug from fanfitgaming.com. It’s perfect for couples looking for something to do together. A game mug is a novelty item that can be purchased in many novelty stores and in online stores.

Personalized Games

During the pandemic, one thing that has really been brought back to life is board games. So many of us spent lockdown playing games with the family to pass the time while we waited for the restrictions to be lifted. Well, why not gift this idea to that special couple or family? We all know the popular childhood game Connect Four. Some of us may know better than others if we have children or even if Connect Four has been brought out of the cupboard to pass time during the recent chaos. There are many sites online that offer to take these classic games and personalize them to match the receiver! We also love personalized monopoly, which is available with new names, key dates and even photographs! These games will not only help to pass the boredom we are all experiencing but will be cherished due to the personal touch. However, the gifts don’t always have to be personalized. There are many of our old childhood games that have been modernized for the new generation and even for adults to enjoy. Games such as Giant Jenga would not go a miss while we have all this spare time together in our homes.

Food Gift Card

Daily cooking for two people is hard work and there will always be days that neither half of the couple can really be bothered to do it. You can take that pressure away by getting them a Just Eat or an Uber Eats gift voucher. These gift cards can be bought online in seconds and sent via text message or email instantly, making sure you can send your gifts with social distancing still in place. This is an easy and quick way to send a thoughtful pick-me-up for both people during such a difficult time.

Custom House Number Plate

This is one of our favourite gifts for couples, especially couples that live together or have just moved into their first home. Available online with delivery to their door, you can choose the size, colour and design of their plate to say their address and even their name. This idea is so thoughtful and is guaranteed to be the most unique house-warming gift they will ever receive. During a time when we are all restricted to life inside our homes, a gift like this could not be better.

His and Hers Sets

You can find many ideas in stores and online when looking for gift sets for couples. Many items are available in a “His and Hers” or “Mr and Mrs” design, which is perfect for new couples or newlyweds. Some of the best items you can give at this time are His and Hers mugs, wine glasses, slippers and other cozy items. Any set that would make our time at home that little bit easier will definitely be well received during this pandemic.

Monthly Alcohol Subscription

For a couple you know that loves a glass of wine when they get home, now is the best time to give them a membership or gift card for a monthly wine or gin subscription. Every month, the couple will receive an exciting delivery full of new wines or gins and fun extras such as gin toppings or syrups etc. This is a perfect gift if you’re not sure what their favourite alcohol is and it is extremely helpful now that we are restricted from giving gifts face-to-face. You can easily prepay for three, four, six, or twelve months of wine deliveries for them to enjoy.

Gifts for couples can be really fun to look for, and we all have the time to really search online for the perfect gift while we are stuck at home. The best gifts for couples are definitely things they can enjoy together, so remember to shop with both of them in mind!


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