Mexico is a fascinating place to visit. Beautiful beaches, a history stretching back more than a couple of millennia, and cities offering a wild nightlife. Bear in mind that, if you’re planning your first-time trip, you are bound to run into a few challenges. You won’t be the only one. I will always remember my first visit as a series of embarrassing mishaps. After I got the hang of it, I have grown to love this wonderful country and truly appreciate everything that it has to offer.

Prepare your documents & don’t risk confusion on the border

I have visited Mexico on more than a dozen occasions. If there is only one piece of advice I was allowed to give to any would-be traveler, it would have to be – take care of your paperwork. Of course, this can apply to just about any foreign country, so make sure that your passport hasn’t expired and that you have all the necessary documents close by. If you are from the US, you won’t need a visa to enter the country. You can stay for up to 90 days, provided that you don’t break any laws. Being well behaved is always a bonus, no matter where you are. Preparing your documents for Mexico can be a bit of a hassle but it is well worth the trouble if you want your stay to be a pleasant one.

Find the best accommodation to fit your budget

The next step to organizing your travel to Mexico is to find the right sort of accommodation. Assess your needs and see if you want to opt for a luxurious suite or perhaps will simply settle for a quick stay at the cheapest hostel. Everyone has different priorities so make sure that you know your own. Depending on your budget, you might want to spend more on great food or seeing all the historic sites instead of wasting too much cash on five-star hotels. Whichever you chose, try to book well in advance for particularly great deals.

Try the best food & skip dodgy places

The food in Mexico is traditionally good. It is, after all, one of the country’s most famous exports. Still, just like anywhere else on Earth, you risk running into a few duds and tasting some pretty mediocre meals. To avoid this, do your research beforehand. Read the reviews, get informed, and know what sort of establishment you are entering. While preparing for my next visit to Cancun, I was lucky enough to encounter this list of apps that have proven useful for all sorts of purposes – from organizing transportation to finding the best restaurants.

Best Apps for First-Time Travel to Mexico

Planning ahead is important wherever you go. Know what you wish to see, taste, and explore. It will make your journey a lot more enjoyable.


Traveling to Mexico for the first time is a great opportunity to discover this fascinating country. Before you go, make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you and that you have taken care of the accommodation. A five-star hotel or an affordable hostel? The choice is yours to make. Of course, Mexico’s food is something you will not want to miss. Look for the top restaurants and truly experience the best the nation has to offer. The better you prepare, the more you are likely to have a wonderful adventure.


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