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House of Coco x Lolo – Looks to leave in 2020

House of Coco x Lolo – Looks to leave in 2020

A designer's do’s and don’ts - By Laurent Guinci founder of Lolo Creative I am not a great believer in the whole “New year, New Me” thing it’s just

January 5th, 2021

A designer’s do’s and don’ts – By Laurent Guinci founder of Lolo Creative

I am not a great believer in the whole “New year, New Me” thing it’s just a number at the end of the day. Instead of doing drastic changes that you will only follow for, let’s face it- probably 2 weeks, it’s so much better to be consistent with it throughout the entire year. But I must say, this year has been pretty tough for most of us, if not professionally, at least mentally. It’s been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons, with the pandemic impacting every aspect of our lives. We all want 2020 to be behind us and to start afresh in 2021!

Fashion might not be the first thing that springs to mind but it’s a form of self-care and can help set the scene for a better year. I personally believe the way you dress truly has power and impacts the way you feel. Just like a costume on set helps an actor embody a character the same goes for your fashion choices – when selecting an outfit you are choosing a ‘mood’ – so pick wisely ;). Dressing well is empowering and makes you feel good, it will manifest – trust me. Here are my top do’s and don’ts so that you can start the year off right, feeling amazing!

Don’ts – Let’s leave these in 2020…

  1. Half Dressing

A lot of us have had practically a whole year of staying at home and living in a zoom world (only seeing people’s top halves). Many people have been abandoning their bottom halves. Even when working from home I am 100% certain some of you are guilty of spending a major part of the year in your pj bottoms, or not making as much effort as you would normally do. I’m a big believer in dressing fully, head to toe. I feel that it’s a mindset thing: dress properly and you’ll feel better about yourself and feel prepared for your day. Whether that’s a last-minute zoom call with your friends or for work, wear something that makes you feel good.

  1. Living in Loungewear

We all like a bit of cosiness but it’s time to let go of the slouchy facetime look. These oversized hoodies have got to go (or at least be taken off the go-to everyday look) – it is not flattering, and you know it. On this note, let’s ditch all the baggy clothes altogether and bring some sexiness back – show off your silhouette instead. And please, let’s limit the tracksuit bottoms, even if we don’t see them… they are there, I can feel it, they are a go go for LOLO.

  1. Going Monotone

2020 felt monotone and lacking in colour. Let’s try to bring on the vibrancy for 2021, brightening the place up where we can – a forecast of new colours and hats and fun. This is usually what happens after every major crisis in history. After the wars, for example, you see big hats and shapes coming into fashion. I wonder if we will have such a phenomenon.

  1. Following Trends

It might sound controversial coming from a costume background and years in the film industry, but DON’T follow fashion. If it doesn’t suit you, just do not wear it. Do not put something on that makes you look weird, if not stupid, just because it’s fashionable. End of! I’m sure we can recall countless times this year where we’ve seen influencers wear something that simply does not look nice on them just because it’s expensive or designer and they want to show off – let’s not be a victim to this trend.

Do’s – 2021, is all about putting the emphasis ON FEELING GOOD – after what we went through in 2020 – This year will be BETTER – we’ll make sure of it. Dress how you mean to go on – set the mood.

  1. Say Yes to Colour

It’s been a gloomy year, step away from black and bring the positive vibes. I rarely wear black. Actually, navy is my black. It’s softer. But when I am all dressed monochrome, or should I say “LOLOchrome”, I make sure I have great shoes or trainers on… or my fabulous Richard James navy bag (with pink fluorescent lining) that Hugh Grant gave me on Bridget Jones 2 (I am showing off a little here). It still is my favourite bag – something that sparks interest and lifts my outfit, and spirit.

  1. Bring Sexy Back

I feel, or fear that this year, we have lost a sense of fashion, even a lack of inspiration maybe! It’s almost like, there was a lack of style… or yes, the “DIY Home Style”! It’s time to bring sexy back with a vengeance. It’s hardly been the year to go out and about and feel sexy under the sun rays of a summer morning, crossing the park on your way to work, as a hunky 6’2” guy turns around and looks at your beautiful self! We need to feel sensual, flirty and feel human again – we owe it to ourselves! Now I’m not saying we need to go over the top with it, there are many ways to be sexy without suggesting too much – it could be something as small as a beautiful cashmere oversized wrap that highlights the colour of your eyes or a bold lipstick.

  1. Think Undergarments

Every outfit should start with perfect base which you build your way up from. A year at home, with restricted access to the gym may have changed your body slightly #pandemicbod. I am a great fan of Sarah Blakely and her SPANX collection. If you want that seamless look under that cute little dress of yours it’s a great investment and they will make you look even more fabulous, as soon as January kicks in.

Most importantly, good underwear is an absolute must – not only will it make you feel good but also you never know when you might have to next undress 😉 I’m so passionate about this that I’m launching my own luxury line of underwear for masculine attributes, as part of LX Lab London for the new year. Useful features include an integrated jock strap system, so you get the lift without having your sexy bum out. A good tip is to also match your underwear to your outfit. I go by a simple rule of matching the colour of my top to my underwear. It really looks like you’ve put yourself together, without trying. Also, you can use it as a cheeky chat-up line when someone says: “nice top.” I always make them blush by replying “you should see my matching underwear!” – Cheeky, yes – Cheesy, certainly – but it creates a positive reaction and a laugh!

  1. Treat Yourself & Go Bold

Treat yourself to something you like once in a while. Solo. Selfishly. Just for you. And appreciate that inner satisfaction. I’ve also missed people getting excited to show their newly purchased items. I am the same, I have barely bought anything at all this year, have you? We have no one to show them off to. So, I totally see the need to revisit your wardrobe and add new items in 2021. 2020 has given me the opportunity to clear my wardrobe, especially my shoe drawer. I mean video calls cut you off waist down so it’s time to revamp your look with new shoes that you will be able to show off soon. Go bold and make a statement with your shoes next year!

Laurent Guinci is the founder of Lolo Creative.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.