It goes without saying that one of the most needed things in any wedding décor is the freshness! This freshness can be easily achieved by adding flora and fauna to the wedding. But this beautiful idea does not always cross our mind, does it? Add Flora And Fauna In Your Wedding Décor.

From the pastel or vibrant flowers to the rustic trees and plants can match the vintage style like no other festoon. If you want to organize a not-so-hefty wedding, then this homely décor can be the pro-choice for you.

If you look into the work of the budget wedding planner in Delhi, you will find tonnes of additions of flora and fauna. And not only this, the flowers and plants can add a very positive vibe to your wedding effortlessly. By the following methods, you can add freshness to your wedding.

Decorating The Candles With Flowers

Let us start with the easiest methods. In this idea, you will have to decorate the candle glass with flowers. You can go for vibrant or contrasting flowers for this.

Embellishing The Poles With Plants

To freshen up your wedding further with more greenery, you can go with this method, this is one of the most preferred wedding decoration ideas! In this you will have to decorate all the poles in the venue with plants. The ends of the poles can have saplings or plants in pots.

Adding Plants And Flowers In Corners

One more easy way to utilize the negative space of the wedding is by decorating the stairs. If you think that the stairs go unnoticed then you are absolutely wrong. You can decorate every corner of the wedding with flowers and plants, not just the stairs.

Decorating Chairs With Fresh Flowers

Rather than tying the fancy clothes on the chairs, you can tie fresh flowers to them. These flowers can be either attached to the individual chairs or to the sides of the rows. You can also keep bouquets on the starting of every row.

Tying Creepers On Curtains

Well, this is no new type of decoration but it can give a very cute and vintage vibe that you should definitely not overlook! You can either tie the creepers on the border of the curtains or in a particular sequence in between. You can also hang flowers in between to add a tinge of color.

Flower Lanterns For Backdrop

If you want the highlight of your wedding to be the freshness of the flowers then this can be a very nice way to embellish the backdrop. You can make customized flower lanterns just for the backdrop! It will not only look beautiful but will be very photogenic as well.

Plants Over-The Top Décor

Ever thought about the over-the-top décor? A lot of people miss out on this grand idea of decorating the over-the-top wedding. You can simply hang small branches of some fresh plants, paired with color-coordinated flowers. This can be done in a particular sequence or the whole of the canopy can be decorated.

Creeper As A Table Top

Last but not the least is the table tops at a wedding. Rather than decorating the table tops with fancy centrepieces, you can add a beautiful and aesthetic creeper and pair it with candles. If you are looking for colorful centrepieces then you can go for a sapling or a bouquet, this will give a vibrant look to the table.

We hope that these flora and fauna wedding décor ideas will help you embellish your wedding this season! Also, don’t forget to colour-coordinate all the flowers which you add to your décor!


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