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In Honour of World Mental Health Day #TeamCoco Speaks with Wellness Pioneer Will Williams

In Honour of World Mental Health Day #TeamCoco Speaks with Wellness Pioneer Will Williams

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, #TeamCoco speaks with World Meditation Day founder and author of The Effortless Mind, Will Williams to find out more about this

October 9th, 2019

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October, #TeamCoco speaks with World Meditation Day founder and author of The Effortless Mind, Will Williams to find out more about this new next-generation app – Beeja and why he’s offering free lifetime access to it, in response to the growing mental health epidemic.

10th October 2019 is World Mental Health Day. Beeja Meditation will be recognising the importance of this event, on the day by offering completely free lifetime access to its Beeja App. This year the focus for World Mental Health Day is suicide prevention – a complex issue which has been identified by the World Health Organisation as being ‘the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year-olds’. Inspired by his own journey, Williams hopes to democratise the world of mediation by offering people the tool to do it themselves through his new life-changing app.

An ex-industry man, formerly crippled by insomnia, it wasn’t until he embarked on his own meditation journey – an 11-year meditative quest around the world – that he was finally able to conquer the ailment and consequently, find his calling; and has since, fully dedicated his life to teaching others about meditation. He has successfully taken his hybrid method to companies such as HSBC, Deepmind and Google as well as creating the Beeja community through the retreats and courses that have improved their quality of life and become meditation advocates. By sharing his simple everyday tools, Will is on a mission to create a happier, healthier world.

A natural next step, the Beeja app will help broaden his reach and expedite his mission. One which, unlike its competitors, doesn’t create a tech-reliance, yet encourages users to become self-sufficient meditators within 30 days and also helps its community better understand their emotions and boosts an overall sense of well-being, focus, creativity and dynamism.

#TeamCoco spoke with Will and got the low-down on the new pioneering app and dove deeper into his fascinating wellness journey.

What led you to embark on your wellness journey?
I had chronic insomnia for 7 years and it was so incredibly debilitating. I’m a very solution-oriented guy so I tried loads of different solutions but nothing worked. By chance, I met a friend of a friend on a night out and they waxed lyrical about how good this meditation was, and hey presto, the insomnia was gone in two weeks!

Can you tell us more about Beeja meditation and the practice of it?
The teacher gives each individual a personalised sound, or mantra, that resonates with their brain and helps it go into a highly coherent alpha state (associated with peak performance) and it also has a very pacifying effect on the wider nervous system so that your mind and body can recharge and reboot in the most powerful way possible. When you do this for 20 minutes, you feel calmer, clearer, and better able to engage with life. When you do this consistently, it enables you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

You travelled the world learning different teachings and methods but why do you think mantra meditation worked so well for you and how did you adapt it to suit the anxieties facing your clientele today?
The fact that it’s personalised means that instead of a one size fits all approach, which only works for a few, this works for everybody. It’s the most brilliant technique, stemming back 10,000 years, and didn’t need too much adding to it, but there were a couple of gaps that needed filling to make it the perfect fit for modern living, and so that’s what my team and I teach, and it’s having legendary results!

You’re offering free lifetime access to your app in honour of the very important World Mental Health Day that’s coming up – can you tell us more?

Mental health problems can affect anyone, at any time of year, and we feel that the 10th October is a poignant day for us to show our support. Beeja is on a mission to democratise meditation and to make it feel relevant and accessible to all, empowering people to overcome their stress, expand their horizons, and live their full potential. We hope that free life-time access to our app goes some way in helping achieve these goals and supporting those who might need it most. Not only is Beeja Meditation incredibly effective, the ease of learning and practising the technique is what makes it stand out – making it ideal for those experiencing depression. It is also commonly found to deliver the quickest results.

What can first-time visitors to your meditation space expect? Talk us through the process/teachings?
On day 1, we see people for a one-hour personal appointment and get them rolling with the meditation. By the end of the session, they will have had one of the most profound experiences of their lives. The next two days, we see people for 3 hours at a time, and that’s where we teach people how to be able to generate that level of experience for themselves. They can also expect a warm welcome, a good laugh and a cup of tea!

Tell us about your new app and how it differs from others in the marketplace today?
At a high level, the main distinction with the Beeja Meditation app is that it’s teaching you how to become a self-reliant meditator so that you don’t need to be dependent on the very device which is causing you so much stress! At a practical level, the way we teach meditation is easier to practice than anything else out there.

What are your top tips for those who have never meditated but would like to start practicing?
I’ve put all my years of experience into developing our course and app program, and nothing can substitute for that level of interaction, so download the app and give it a whirl, or if you want an expert to help you shortcut everything and become expert in 48 hours, then come along to one of courses and you’ll never look back!

The Beeja App has been carefully crafted to make meditation fun and accessible and to appeal to the Gen Z and millennial market for whom ‘conscious deceleration’ is a primary objective. Also in contrast to existing meditation apps, the Beeja App offers a hybrid method of meditation. It is based on core Vedic principles but supported by the wisdom of ancient teachings, which Will has incorporated from years of experience.

For more information please visit the Beeja App website. The app is free to download, for both iPhone and Android, with in-app subscription options, which range from £3.50 per month or alternatively a one-off lifetime payment of £108.

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