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Join the revolution – mobile gaming for young, professional women

For reasons that probably date back 30 years or more, there is a uniform vision of the archetypal gamer.

For reasons that probably date back 30 years or more, there is a uniform vision of the archetypal gamer. You can probably picture him now – teenage or early 20s, poor social skills, worse hygiene habits. Today, we know that really, this is nonsense, but the biggest mistake of all is that initial pronoun. Because the majority of gamers are not actually “him” at all.

This is the big data age, and analysts can find out anything about everything. Where gaming is concerned, one fact is clear. While the games console might still be predominantly a “boy’s toy,” as far as gaming on smartphones is concerned, the biggest consumers of mobile games are women. It makes sense – while going out and buying either a console or a hand-held games machine requires a conscious decision to play games, we all have a smartphone. Downloading a game to while away some time takes a matter of seconds, and often costs nothing.

It has been a while coming, but at last, the games developers are getting wise to just who their most lucrative target demographic really is. Here are three examples of game genres you can find on Android and iOS that have been made with female players in mind.

Social games
Perhaps the biggest impact that women have had in this sector has been the rise of the social gaming phenomenon. Some call it the Farmville Effect – devised by Chelsea Howe, who was, at the time one of the few female developers in a male-dominated industry, this was a game designed by a woman for women. As a more recent release, Township is a variation on the Farmville theme. Build your town, plan the streets, develop local businesses and so on. The best part of these sorts of games, however, is the social aspect. It’s all about trading with friends who are also playing, helping each other out, and chatting online about real world matters while you do so. You can also download FIFA 20 APK that brings the major changes to your career code.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Legend has it that the original slots games in casinos were placed there to “entertain the ladies” while the menfolk lost all their money at the poker and blackjack tables. That might or might not be true, but there’s no denying that slot-style games are immensely popular with female players. There are countless games to choose from, and many of these are specifically aimed at the female market. Golden Goddess, Jane Bond, Ladies Night, the list goes on. Pink Casino, which has been advertised so heavily on TV, takes it a step further, in that the whole site is aimed at a female audience. If you decide to play with real money, be sure to use an online casino guide to find the site offering the most free spins and casino. Alternatively, most sites will allow you to play for free.

Gem matching games
There’s something inherently soothing, yet highly addictive about this type of game. The best part about gem games is that you can dip in whenever you have a spare five minutes, and return to the action whenever you want to. Like the social games and the slot sites, there are plenty to choose from, but Bejewelled is recognised as one of the most popular.

We all have a smartphone, and gaming apps are a great way to relax and de-stress. Check out the above choices, and explore the app stores for others. There are more coming out every day, and they are aimed squarely at you.