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Life Guide: 3 Suggestions for Making 2021 a Better Year for

Life Guide: 3 Suggestions for Making 2021 a Better Year for

For sure, most, if not all, of you would agree that 2020 hasn't been a good year for everyone around the world.

January 11th, 2021

For sure, most, if not all, of you would agree that 2020 hasn’t been a good year for everyone around the world. People’s everyday lives have changed in ways no one ever imagined would happen in a very modern world. But the good thing is the year is about to end and, hopefully, all the unfortunate things that defined 2020 will soon be over as well.

Of course, hoping is well and good, but you can always take matters into your own hands. There are things you can actually do to make sure that 2021 will be a better year for you at least. Check out three ways you can make your year better in 2021.

Pamper yourself

You probably have ‘Live a healthier lifestyle’ at the top of your New Year’s resolution list for 2021. You promise to exercise more frequently, have a healthier diet, get more rest and sleep, etc. But did you include pampering yourself? Well, you should because pampering yourself is a form of self-care that’ll help make you physically, mentally, and even emotionally healthy. Simply indulging in your favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream or red velvet cake is already a great way to show love for yourself.

You can also go on a shopping spree and buy yourself some designer clothes and bags (for you ladies) or a gaming console and accessories (for you gents). Or maybe get yourself a couple of down pillows, 100% cotton bed sheets, and even a bed fan you can place under the blanket to regulate your bed’s temperature, so you can relax better at home.

Try new things

No matter your age, you should never stop learning because this will enrich your life. And one way you can do this is by constantly trying new things. So come 2021, do exactly this. For you ladies, why not learn how to fix the sink, so you wouldn’t have to call the plumber every time your kitchen sink has a leak? And for you gents, try your hand at sewing, which can come in handy if you need to patch the hole in your favorite basketball jersey.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn martial arts like karate, tai chi, or krav maga. Enroll yourself in some classes, then, and stay fit and active while also learning how to defend yourself. You can also go for adrenaline-pumping activities, such as rock climbing, white-water rafting, and skydiving if you think the experience will be worth your time.

Let go of grudges

Fighting or having misunderstandings with family and friends is part of life. But if this goes on for too long, it’ll definitely weigh on you. In 2021, let go of grudges and extend an olive branch to whoever you’ve had a falling-out with. It doesn’t really matter who’s at fault. Your mom will surely forgive you for any wrongdoing if you drop by her house and bring a bouquet of her favorite flowers.

Or maybe you haven’t been talking to your sister for years now. Pick up your phone and send her a text message asking her how she’s doing. If you come across a friend you’ve had a quarrel with, invite him or her for a coffee just to let him or her know that everything’s good on your end.

Nobody really knows if 2021 will be better than 2020 for everyone around the world. But you can always make sure that the coming year will be a better one for you at least. When the brand-new year comes around, pamper yourself, try new things, and let go of grudges to help make 2021 a better year for you.



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