Bubble tea is the drink which has skyrocketed to popularity in recent years. Not only does the drink look unique (and very Instagrammable) but it also tastes unlike any other drink, with various iterations available to indulge.

So, what exactly is it? Well, bubble tea is a Taiwanese recipe made by blending a tea base with milk, fruit and fruit juices. Then, the magic happens! The signature bubbles are popped in which consist of tapioca balls which are an acquired taste, but if you’re on the bubble tea bandwagon then you’ll agree… they’re delicious! And The tapioca balls are chewy in texture, and you can also pop other fanciful edible decorations in your drink to give it that extra punch.

Want to try one? Well, we’ve rounded up some of the best spots in London to get your hands on a bubble tea.

Biju Bubble Tea Room

Well, if you didn’t guess by the name, Biju Bubble Tea Room is one of the best spots to pick up the coveted drink.

There are locations in Soho and South Kensington and a takeaway only option in Shepherd’s Bush.Not only do the bubble teas pop with colour but the menu booms with choice, from fruit milks, salt cream tea, iced tea, milk tea and way more where that came from.You can add ice or have it warmer and you can pop in whatever you’d like – we’d recommend giving their popping fruit bobas a whirl. So delicious!


Min Tea

Chinatown is an excellent place to head if you’re looking to hunt down a bubble tea, with so many spots to try.

Here, you’ll find Min Tea, a location which often has a queue out of the door. You can try passionfruit green tea, and cheesy milk teas. Yep, you heard right.Their cheesy milk teas have a thick layer of milk and cream cheese on with salt popped on top – a savoury delight which is a real tastebud tantaliser.



Bubbleology is perhaps the best known place for a bubble tea, with locations all across London.

They have so many teas to try, including milk and fruit teas and they even sell their fruit boba in jars. I know right, our mouths are watering right now. We’d highly recommend the passionfruit tea with lychee boba. OMG it’s so delicious!


Yi Fang

There’s no doubt Yi Fang is one of the best bubble tea spots in the city. They use 100 per cent natural ingredients to make their boba tea.

There’s also a secret recipe in their drinks –– pineapple jam! The founder of Yi Fang used to make it with her secret recipe and, to pay homage to her, they use the jam in their drinks.

The soya options are delicious – or you can opt for Deliver and have one from the comfort of your own home!



Journey to Chatime and you’ll feast on “quintessentially traditional Taiwanese bubble tea.” The boba brand hails from Taiwan and Chatime is popular not only in London, but around the world.

The best to try is the Chatime Milk Tea, which boasts black tea with fresh milk, in which you can add tapioca pearls.


Yunique Tea

There’s something pretty unique about Yunique! This bubble tea spot first burst on to London’s food scene at the end of 2019, and it has some pretty epic flavours.

Trying the cucumber lychee macchiato is a must, if you fancy being a little experimental. There are other playful flavours, including the brown sugar bubble latte, on offer too!



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