Many businesses, no matter their size, choose to make smart hiring decisions. Whether the company is looking for a nanny, an administration assistant, vetting of a prospective tenant, running a background check can be useful as well as protect your business legally. Even though there are several options to select from, the available services, as well as the terms used for said services, can vary significantly.

When Is It Necessary To Do A Background Check, And What Reports Are Needed?

Running background checks on prospective renters or hires can assist in protecting your company, clients, and employees. When you are conducting a background check, you can enhance the probability of finding missing or falsified information. In many cases, where employees made an unsuitable hire is where the employee provides false information with regards to his or her qualifications. Background checks can enhance regulatory compliance as well as workplace safety. It can also reduce the probability of facing negligent hiring claims. While these checks can help you with making the right hiring decision, it is essential that you are knowledgeable about applicable regulations. Despite it not being against federal law to perform background checks before hiring applicants, the FCRA (Fair credit reporting act) governs how such checks are to be conducted. Some states also have restrictions pertaining to an employment background checktherefore; it is wise to know your local and state laws. Bear in mind that federal laws can offer protection for applicants against discrimination.

Background Screening Services

While you’re responsible for knowing the regulations that can influence your business, several background screening services validate compliance with such rules and are even accredited with an industry association. Such companies offer various services that cover both extensive and particular screening requirements; some also provide industry specialization. Customization and pricing vary, and while some providers may have add-ons, other select to customize their report assistance specific to the needs of their clients.

Most companies will necessitate some combination of the standard reports that are offered by full-service providers, which can include:

• Social security number verification• Criminal history (county)• A national criminal database check• Sex offender list check• OFAC Global terrorist check• Address history• Employment history corroboration• National alias search

Add-On Reports Can Include:

• Employment verification• Driving records• Professional license substantiation• International checks• In-person county court records retrieval• Credit checks• Reference interviews

The types of background reports are often contingent on your industry. For instance, an advertising agency might not need to verify the prospect’s motor vehicle records, while a taxi service company, on the other hand, will. Rental history will be more applicable to a landlord reviewing a prospective tenant as opposed to someone who is employing a housekeeper.

Background check companies may also provide reports that are specific to one or more industries, for instance:

• Banking, finance, and insurance• Medical• Household• Real estate• Transportation• Recruiting and staffing

Some of these reports may gather data through an online database search while others will necessitate phone calls or in-person visits to courthouses or other government offices. That’s why you need to know the type of information you require before selecting a vendor.


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