Having pets can turn your life upside down. They are too adorable for this world. Sometimes, we don’t even deserve their innocence, charm, and loyalty. Despite all the negativities and hardships in life, nothing beats going home to your dog eagerly wagging its tail and excited to welcome you with wet, boppy kisses.

Kids are encouraged to engage in physical play. It can help in their physical, mental, emotional, and social development. In Brisbane, for example, some companies sell quality and standard-compliant play equipment for kids. Children will thrive in all aspects of their lives through play.

The same goes for your pet. Dogs deserve to enjoy the outdoors just as humans do. In other words, they deserve all the best things in the world. Tag them along in an outdoor hike, at the beach, or take them for a walk in the nearby park.

Dog park do’s and don’ts

Taking care of a pet dog is like taking care of a biological child. It takes a lot of responsibility to ensure that your pet is in good health. You are also responsible for your dog’s behavior and everyone’s safety.

Most dog owners often envision their pets getting along with other dogs harmoniously. However, this does not always happen. If you want you and your dog to stay away from trouble, here are some things that you need to consider when walking your dog in a nearby park:

1. Know your dog’s body language.

There is a fine line between friendliness and aggressiveness. Dogs cannot talk, but you can tell if your dog is either being friendly with another dog or is already showing signs of aggressiveness.

Friendly dogs tend to sniff the other dog, give no eye contact, and approach the dog cautiously. However, watch out if your dog or the other dog’s neck is arched, has a raised tail, or is growling. In such cases, you need to back off immediately.

2. Consider your surroundings.

Be considerate of your surroundings. Make sure to bring a plastic bag in case your pet poops at the park, and throw at the proper trash bin.

3. Use a leash when walking your dog in the park.

You must leash your dog when you go to the park to save you from future troubles. You might get distracted enjoying the view or mingling with other park-goers. Or perhaps your dog might run around and hurt other people or get involved in dog fights if they are unleashed.

4. Don’t bring a puppy in the park.

It’s better to let your pup stay in your home and let it run around your backyard. Most puppies are unvaccinated until they turn four months old. Hence, you should wait for a while before you can finally bring your pup to the park.

5. Don’t bring your dog if it’s not ready.

Some dogs might not be used to mingling with other animals. To avoid fights, you might want to train your dog first to become friendly with other animals before you can bring it to the park.

Dogs deserve all the good things in the world. But make sure to keep yourself and everyone else safe when you decide to walk your dog in the park.


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