Sundried: the Activewear Brand That Turns Plastic into Leggings

Sustainable fashion is at the top of #teamcoco’s agenda. We are constantly on the look out for brands that break the mould when it comes to ethics and sustainability. So we had to share our discovery of Sundried.

With pioneering activewear collections made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, Sundried is paving the way for sustainable fashion while also helping to combat the global plastic pollution crisis.

Not only does the brand deliver on climate change, it also delivers on performance. I myself tested out a Sundried pair of leggings and t-shirt this weekend when running a gruelling half-marathon in the rain. Their sweat-wicking, functional and stylish properties cannot be denied – you would simply never know that these clothes are made from the plastic we toss in the recycling bin.

Sundried makes a special effort to design activewear that avoids the flaws of other activewear designers too. They work on varying designs for leggings that stop them from falling down – one of my biggest bugbears when out at the gym.

Sundried is one of our favourite choices to keep both your body and your environmental footprint light. If you want to help in the fight against climate change then stop supporting fast fashion and go for this effective activewear brand instead!

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