The Best City for a Buzz in the USA

Here at House of Coco magazine we love traveling to the USA. [...]

Here at House of Coco magazine we love traveling to the USA. We’ve road tripped in Nevada, seen the sights of California and left a piece of our heart in New York. Hopping on a flight and going stateside is something we do almost as often as we have hot meals. We like to think we know a thing or two about our friends over the pond and we have put together our top three American destinations to give you a bit of a buzz.


This is a vast state, expect to spend hours on the road without seeing a single soul but know that the journey will be worth while. We clocked up 2000 miles checking out all that this state had to offer and we realised that they are one of the few that allow sports betting in USA. We dabbled on a scratch card and won $20, not quite enough to feel like the Wolf of Wall Street but enough to give us the buzz we wanted.  

New York

So good they named it twice, New York city has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to switch off from the world by checking in to a luxury pent house hotel, or you want to be right in the heart of it in Times Square, you don’t have to look far to have fun. The helicopter ride from NYC to the Hamptons is a definite buzz and seeing New York from above during sunset is an experience you would never forget. Looking for something a little less adrenaline? Hop on one of the horse and carriages and explore Central Park, it’s a slow paced way to spend the afternoon but the chances of bumping in to a high profile celeb are high. Our rider had just taken Liam Neeson and Robert Deniro on the back of his carriage so we really were in good company. 


There is so much choice here, whether partying in West Hollywood is for you or playing it cool with a green juice in Los Angeles is more your thing. California has a real buzz in the air, from the people to the sights and everything in between. You can hire a vintage car and explore the city with the roof down and visit to the Hollywood sign is a must. Be prepared to use all of the memory on your phone because the photo opportunities in this state are endless. 

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