HVAC, the short form for Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning, is used to maintain the temperature, humidity, and purity in a closed place where people spend their plentiful time. It is used for heating and cooling in both indoor and outdoor areas of residential and commercial buildings. You can also make custom filters directly from the manufacturers for your house and office.

Residential HVAC filters are used in-house, but commercial HVAC is usually used outdoors and in gathering places. Here we are going to discuss the Commercial HVAC system, mainly used in large properties such as restaurants, large buildings, hospitals, schools, etc. The commercial HVAC heavily differs from the other models of HVAC. To increase the lifespan of your commercial HVAC, here are some tips mentioned below.

Tips for Prolonging the Lifespan of your commercial HVAC

Want the support of your commercial HVAC for a longer period? Then here are some tips which you must follow:

Change the Filter Regularly

A filter needs to be changed regularly as heavy AC loads may cause the filter to be clogged up with dust. Heavy Duty ACs, such as commercial HVAC filters, are used in commercial areas and take more dust clouds for which their filters last less than a month. Filters have to be changed as dirty filters cause less air to reach the evaporator unit, which decreases the efficiency of the AC. Different filters have to be changed in different ways; for example, Fibreglass air filters have to be thrown away after use once, but Pleated filters can be reused a few more times again until the fiber turns thin after washing. Therefore, changing filters may help us to breathe clean air.

Use the AUTOMATIC Setting

The automatic setting detects the room’s condition and helps maintain the preset temperature. The other options may not cool down or heat up the room properly as they won’t be able to detect the actual condition of the room, for which there may be a loss in power as well as force the HVAC to a fixed condition which might increase its work.

Check the Insulation

In order to keep your house cooled or heated, the insulation must be checked to see if some air is leaking or not. If the insulation does its job properly, the pressure on the air conditioner and the heater decreases, which helps them to work more efficiently. The HVAC system might have to work constantly to keep the desired temperature if the insulation is not up to par.

Check the Condenser

When the airflow enters your HVAC, it enters the condenser first. It may be damaged due to storms or other natural disasters as it stays outside. Much rubbish that flows in the air may fly and get into the condenser, for which you should check up on your condenser to see if there is any damage.

Protect the Outdoor Units

As the Outdoor part of your HVAC lies outside with the Sun bearing down over your HVACs, it’s a great idea to protect your Outdoor units so that it doesn’t get any more unnecessary heat over the limit they are supposed to get. Using these prevention materials would lessen your extra pressure in the maintenance of HVACs.


HVACs are one of the best inventions which decrease human workload. A well-maintained HVAC can last long without damage, which would be a plus point for the user as he/she doesn’t have to change it frequently. Regular maintenance by proper technicians may extend the useful life of the commercial HVAC system. And if you require more information, you can always Custom Filters Direct, one of the best air filter suppliers.


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