The first thing to consider when choosing between vaping and smoking is your personal preference. Nevertheless, you may be surprised to find out that choosing one of these two options may be more beneficial for your health.

Subsequently, it may be interesting to investigate your options to keep smoking but with no side effects for your health.

Vaping is usually considered a safer option in terms of effects on your well-being. Since there is no combustion, chemicals and toxins that are potentially harmful to your health are not released. In other words, vaping does not result in health problems such as asthma or even cancer.

Another point in favour of vaping is that it doesn’t produce as much smell as smoking. This means you will not have the odours on your hair, finger and clothing for longer after vaping. However, if you like that smell, maybe this is not a point you would consider.

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What is vaping?

As we have seen, vaping is a healthier option than smoking. If you are thinking about trying vaping, you should start by understanding what weed pens are. Nevertheless, you may probably have already heard of them as pen vaporizers.

They are pocket-sized devices, specifically designed to let you vape even when you are not at home. In other words, they are a portable version of the famous desktop vaporizers, and are surely more affordable, discreet and convenient to use. They may look like cigarettes, but they cause less harm to your lung.

You are what you vape

First, it can be advocated that vaping is healthier because science doesn’t say otherwise. So far, no study has proved that vaping can have any adverse effect. On the contrary, experts advocate that vaping is actually safer than smoking tobacco.

Nevertheless, the ultimate effects of vaping on your health depend on the product you are using. In the last years, doctors have risen concerns about some e-juices, that contains artificial flavors and other chemicals. However, you can avoid negative repercussions on your lungs by only using any dry herb vaporizer and natural oils. Some company even sell a combination of all three.

Another issue you may want to take into account is that some e-liquids contain a chemical called diacetyl. This can get stuck in the airways in your lungs, causing respiratory problems like coughing and even bronchiolitis. Again, if you are concerned about your health and you want to prevent any damage to your lungs, you can choose e-juice that doesn’t contain diacetyl.

Which one is the most addictive?

Most people believe that vaping is a drug and that, subsequently, it can have severe consequences for your psychophysical state. In the collective symbolic imaginary, drug is something that creates chemical dependence. From this point of view, vaping is not a drug. Vaping can help you transition away from smoking cigarettes and vape juice UK is a great place to start.

On the other hand, studies show that vaping can help you stop smoking. Unlike cigarettes, you can choose the amount of nicotine in your e-juice, and thus reduce it over time until you eventually don’t need it anymore. Nevertheless, vaping can be addictive for some individuals, even if you always use a 0% nicotine e-liquid.

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Let’s talk about money

Vaping is, without doubt, a most cost-efficient option than smoking. Of course, they both require an initial investment, but your e-liquid is going to last longer than any pack of cigarettes.

Besides, you can correctly understand the dosage you are smoking when vaping a weed pen. You can even choose to avoid specific chemicals or nicotine. On the contrary, there is no clarity about the dosage of nicotine and other substances wrapped in a cigarette.

Is vaping really good for you?

The right question should be: is vaping bad for you?

If you smoke, you already know how difficult it may be to free yourself from the dependence on nicotine. Smoking is just a habit: it costs you money, it does not have any positive effect on your life, and it is actually bad for your health on a long-term basis.

On the other hand, vaping is a healthier habit. At the moment, there are no studies that show that it can be absolutely valid for any sort of relief. Yet, you can try to use some dry herb-based liquid, enriched with vitamin B12 and other supplements. While they may not be 100% effective as natural stress relief, but at least you will not cause too much harm to your body.

Now that you have all the information that you need, you are ready to enter the world of vaping. You will soon find your favourite e-liquid, and forget cigarettes.

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