What are the benefits of a caravan for U.K. travel?

When you think of travelling, your mind automatically wanders across the globe. Eastern Europe, Asia, South America or even Australia. [...]

When you think of travelling, your mind automatically wanders across the globe. Eastern Europe, Asia, South America or even Australia. There are a plethora of options available. 

However, often overlooked are the wonderful travel experiences that you can have right here in the U.K. 

The Lake District in Cumbria, Snowdonia and Snowdon Park in Wales, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park in Scotland, these are just some of the breath-taking places that you can visit while travelling the U.K.

How should you travel throughout the U.K? 

Before you set about on your adventure travelling the U.K. and visiting some of the magnificent sites, you have some decisions to make. And, no decision is more important than how you’re going to travel. There are the options of short flights and stays in hotels or driving and staying on B&B’s; although, without doubt, the most logical option is to travel with a caravan and use that as your living quarters throughout your journey.

There are a large number of caravans available that are perfect for U.K. travel, and places like White Arches provide you with a great place to browse and select your ideal travel home. 

The benefits of a caravan for U.K. travel 


When travelling, the ability to be flexible with your plans is extremely desirable. A caravan offers you the ultimate in flexibility when travelling the U.K.! You won’t be constrained by public transport times, early checkouts at hotels or having to waste time hanging around at airports. With a caravan, you can make your own journey and play by your rules – giving you the best possible chance of enjoying your trip to the fullest. 


One thing that can often be a bit of a turn off when travelling is the lack of comfort. For example, if you choose to camp when travelling, you’ll often find yourself waking up with a sore back after sleeping on a pop-up camping bed. Alternatively, you may not feel comfortable staying in a hotel – not having your home comforts or cooking facilities. With a caravan, you can be both comfortable and ensure that you have you’re not missing any of those things that you’re so used to having back at home. 


Without a doubt, travelling the U.K. with a caravan is much cheaper than staying in hotels. On average, you’ll be looking at around £15-£30 maximum per night to pitch your caravan up throughout the U.K. Whereas, a hotel or B&B could cost your upwards of £100 per night. 

And, despite having the initial outlay to buy the caravan, of you regularly travel and use the caravan, it will soon have paid for itself.  


Entertainment isn’t something that’s particularly synonymous with a caravan. However, due to modern technology, your caravan can now be equipped satellite television and many caravan sites even provide Wi-Fi. Alternatively, a caravan can be a great space to keep yourself entertained in ‘the old fashioned’ way by playing board games. 

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