What are the obstacle races?

Modern racing has evolved enough to include not only the regular races but the obstacle races as well. These are races that are performed in the usual running court but have special obstacles placed every 30 feet distance.

This kind of obstacles is important for the difficulty level of the race. They are usually wooden parts that are elevated to almost 3 feet of height and must be jumped over by the runners. The presence of such obstacles is adding an extra difficulty to the race and require a lot more effort by the athletes.

Which shoes are best for obstacle races?

Not all shoes are capable of giving you the same level of protection for obstacle racing. Most of the usual sneakers are having less powerful outsoles to absorb the impact shocks that jumping over the obstacles may impose. You don’t necessarily need the newest or most powerful shoes on the market. You need the best shoes for tough mudder that provide better traction in mud or wet when running.

Not to mention, that the normal sneakers are usually not elevated enough in terms of upper mesh and shaft to cover your ankle and metatarsal areas. This is required when you are participating in an obstacle race since the constant impacts and vibrations may disturb the normal architecture of your ankle joints and ligaments.

So, the best obstacle racing shoes are those who are flexible enough to withstand constant running without losing their shape. Moreover, you need to have unique protection to the heel and foot curve areas that are the most sensitive parts of your footbeds.

Sneakers that have more room for the forefoot area are mostly likely to help you outperform when you are participating in obstacle racing. This happens because your toe fingers have more room to move feely against each other and provide you with better stability during the race.

The external layers of the sneakers are the ones that have to be extra waterproof. This will help you pass all the watery parts of the court since most obstacle racing included such areas. You certainly lose in performance when water reaches your inner feet area, and this is why is it absolutely important to wear water resistant kind of shoes.

Shoes that give you extreme performance in obstacle racing

Most of these shoes are looking like normal sneakers only that they have special characteristics that enable you to have the competitive edge against all your opponents. These shoes are featuring a smart insole that takes the shape of your feet while running. This is extremely important since you are constantly feeling comfortable in your shoes without the need to stop for getting some rest.

Additionally, these shoes have a more complex lacing system that bends your shoes over your foot arch without suppressing them. These laces usually consist of a lightweight plastic strap that embraces the foot arch and give more stability than the normal shoelaces do.

The inner shoe layers are equally important as the outer ones for your great performance. Inner shoe layers are coming to direct touch to your feet and can absorb your excessive sweating phenomena. This is a top priority if you want to finish the obstacle race since sweating can destabilize you when running at higher speed.

The importance of the outsole in obstacle racing

There is no chance you complete successfully an obstacle racing without wearing the right kind of shoes in terms of outsoles. This part of the shoes plays a significant role in your stability since it is the only part that comes to direct touch with the ground.

It has a double role. First, it needs to give you enough friction to enhance your grip and give you more traction when you run. Additionally, the outsole needs to be durable and rigid enough to withstand all the adverse weather conditions and get you to the finish line. All the shoes that obstacle racing champions wear are having the most technically innovated outsoles.


There is practically zero chance you thrive in obstacle racing without being equipped with the right type of shoes. The careful selection of the sneakers will probably get you closer to the finish line while offering you extreme protection and comfort.

Shoes are the most important part of your outfit when racing and ensuring that they are of top quality should always be your top priority.


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