What Is Recycled Fashion And How Can You Incorporate It In Your Style?

Recycled fashion doesn’t mean that you choose an outfit and wear it over and over again. [...]

Recycled fashion doesn’t mean that you choose an outfit and wear it over and over again. Although this is a form of recycling, you will need to wear it many times before it has finished its life. Let’s face it, you don’t want to wear the same outfit day after day!

Fortunately, there are other ways of including recycled fashion in your daily clothing.

Literal Recycling

Many people wear an item once and it sits in the wardrobe for months or even years. These items are then discarded as they are no longer fashionable. However, you can make a conscious decision to recycle the clothing sooner. 

You can place the item into a clothes bank where it will be passed onto somewhere else. However, there is no guarantee that the item will be appreciated for what it is. In fact, it may even be turned into different clothing or rags. 

Instead, it is better to donate it to a store or other establishment that sells it on. You may even find it interesting to shop in the same place. If you are embracing literal recycling then others will be. As this becomes more popular you will be able to find trendy items at a fraction of their normal cost

Renting Clothes

Potentially a better way of embracing the recycled clothing phenomenon is to look at renting clothes. After all, when you have stunning designer dresses you can’t just put them in the clothing bank. Instead, you’ll find companies specializing in trendy clothing rentals, specifically ball dresses hire and evening gowns. You can look fantastic, ready for any occasion, in a thousand-dollar dress for a fraction of the price.

Not only are you helping the environment by recycling clothing, but you can also adopt a different look each time and are likely to save yourself money in the process.

This option is becoming increasingly popular as people appreciate the ability to save money while looking fabulous. At the same time, it is better for the environment and helps the clothing manufacturers in their drive to reduce environmental impact.

Manufacturer Rebates

A more recent take on clothing recycling is that the manufacturers are encouraging customers to return clothing. There are rules regarding what can be returned and when. In return, you get loyalty discounts or some other reward system. The manufacturer benefits as they can reprocess the material into new items and you get a little of your purchase price back, even if it is in the form of a discount on your next order. 

Recycled Fashion Trends

It can also be said that recycled fashion can refer to the fact that trends tend to go round in circles. A dress that has just gone out of fashion is likely to be in fashion again in the future. Of course, it is very difficult to say when it will be in fashion again. That is why it is generally better to look at renting your next outfit for a special occasion. It is the most practical solution. 

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