To set the scene on this weekend I’d like to give you a few scenarios.

It’s been late nights and technology fights all week. Things have broken, things have gotten lost and things have quite frankly burned.

You know, just one of those weeks. I may be being over dramatic.

I’m choosing to see it as a great week. I had ‘It’ll all be ok’ flowers sent to the office from a friend of 10 years, I’ve gone back to a time of no TV or Netflix sparingly, Ted Talks, Podcasts and meditation.

I mean don’t get me wrong, this is the girl that loves Champagne and drinks soda with her Tequila on ice. I have to survive on Nicotine gum during the week because I can’t have a night out without a cheeky cigarette. Put me at the front of a metal gig, the top of a mountain with a board strapped to my feet or hold the door open for me and slap my ass on the way into a luxury venue… trust me, I know how to get over a week like this.

But still… having experienced a solo City break and most weekends being a field and countryside whore (I hope that makes sense!) I think The Caravan And Motorhome Club might just have actually changed my life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this type of break won’t make me give up Snowboarding trips or a bit of luxury in the UK Countryside, but I can definitely see myself doing this a few times a year.

I didn’t do the whole digital detox thing, I would find it hard to go without music and podcasts at least, but I came to the North Yorkshire Dales on my own to reconnect with my self and sense check my life.

I’ve got no idea which caravans or motorhomes are good to have but I’m staying in a Bailey and it is perfect. I’ve got a kitchen area with a dining table, a bathroom and a bedroom! My kitchen has a microwave and an oven (Queue shocked emoji and crying laughter emoji!).

My epic Bailey home for the weekend is fully heated, I have a shower, mood lighting and a fridge to keep my leftover Bloody Mary cool (Everyone felt the tough week).

Honestly after just two days here I’ve decided to stay (I can’t) and me and my husband (I don’t have a boyfriend let alone a husband) are going to travel the world with our newborn (My cat) and live the dream for two years, coming back all blonde and tanned and skinny and cultured!

We’ll reminisce about where it all began. At Lower Wensleydale (I’ve not seen any cheese yet) near Leyburn in North Yorkshire. We’ll coo over how beautiful that The Caravan and Motorhome Club site was and we’ll laugh about the first time we’ve ever seen a peacock in the trees (seriously though… how?!).

Dreams aside, I will be doing this again. I’m here on my own, but everyone has been nothing but friendly. The members, the staff. In fact I’ve not really seen any staff since I checked in which is lovely, they just leave you to your break unless you need them.

Locally there’s loads to do on your own. Leyburn is a cute village like town with fancy little shops that you can buy tat from. You know, that 36th note pad you’ll never use but because you can’t resist a) little shops like that, b) patterns, and c) stationary… you buy it!

Nearby Middleham is an incredibly scenic short drive away (stop here on your way to Forbidden Corner… I’ll say no more), it’s famous for horseracing and Richard III. It’s just beautiful, quaint and sweet plus there’s a massive castle behind some houses and it’ll make you feel like you’re in GOT or Labyrinth, the Prince’s Tower is creepy AF!

The only problem I have is that I’m now on Ebay looking for caravans and I’m torn between retro and super cool… or high tech and comfort but looks like an actual motorhome!

Where next The Caravan and Motorhome Club?! They’ve got sites all over the world (Just need husband with free spirit and baby (Not him with a baby, two separate things, one following the other, may take some time… must not rush).

Thank you for a gorgeous, little, well needed break.


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