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8 Must-visit Marijuana Restaurants Around the World

8 Must-visit Marijuana Restaurants Around the World

Weed is no longer the dirty drug of burnouts and hippies. As marijuana laws change in the U.S. and elsewhere, cannabis is becoming unequivocally high class.

September 3rd, 2021

Weed is no longer the dirty drug of burnouts and hippies. As marijuana laws change in the U.S. and elsewhere, cannabis is becoming unequivocally high class. These days, heralds of good taste like Dakota Johnson, Gwyneth Paltrow, George Clooney and Barack Obama have admitted to hitting the reefer, and a number of celebrities have started their own cannabis product lines.

All this is to say that it isn’t taboo to take a toke now and again — and it might even be worthwhile to build an entire travel itinerary around those sticky green buds, as long as you are partial to getting high. If you want a more elevated weed-cation, you might consider chasing cannabis haute-cuisine, which you can find at any of the following restaurants around the world:

Thursday Infused

The Herb Somm is an industry leader in developing gourmet cannabis recipes and educating home cooks. The company’s restaurant series, Thursday Infused, provides an all-inclusive cannabis meal, which pairs bud, wine and infused foods to create an evening of utter indulgence. In addition to the fare, you will enjoy deep conversation about cannabis, helping you learn important terminology and top tips for using weed properly at home.

Green House Kitchen

As the world destination for weed for decades, Amsterdam has no shortage of cannabis coffeehouses — but reefer restaurants are a rarer sight. The Green House Kitchen doesn’t sell cannabis-infused edibles, which remains taboo in Venice of the North. However, you can buy bud here and smoke while enjoying some absolutely delicious treats any time of day.


Just because cannabis edibles are rare in Amsterdam doesn’t mean they are impossible to find. Fraiche offers an eight-course THC-infused meal, which is carefully crafted to blend flavors and psychoactive effects. The food tends to be exceedingly potent, and each dish adds another dose of THC into your system — so you might not want to make a reservation if your cannabis tolerance is low. For dessert, you should try the restaurant’s magic truffles, which will provide a psychedelic end to your day.


Stretching the definition of a restaurant but undeniably offering some of the world’s best cannabis cuisine, PopCultivate is a private dining experience driven by leading chefs creating unique and inspired meals infused with weed. Operating out of California but serving a number of cities in the American West, this group has no set menu; diners are at the full mercy of the chefs. If you are looking for more than a dispensary in Reno, you might sniff around for a PopCultivate invite in your area.

Arcane Revelry

A Portland transplant in the heart of Los Angeles, Arcane Revelry is more than a pop-up restaurant; it is a well-rounded weed event. Not only will you enjoy some of the most delectable edibles in the city, but you can purchase specialty cannabis concentrates, receive a CBD massage and so much more. If you are looking for a memorable weed experience during your next trip to LA, you need to sign up for the Arcane Revelry mailing list.


Once a hub for underground speakeasies, New York became host to a slew of underground cannabis supper clubs before legalizing cannabis consumption earlier this year. The first of its kind, Sinsemi.la uses locally sourced, seasonal ingredients in its cuisine, and a specially trained cannabis sommelier works with chefs to pair the perfect strains to balance flavors and effects.

Kaya Herb House

Jamaica is home to the Rastafari religion, which uses cannabis as a spiritual tool in pursuing enlightenment. The Kaya Herb House respects and supports the Rasta belief in the healing power of weed. The medical cannabis restaurant offers dishes made with cannabis grown on-site, and its views of the Caribbean Sea create a beautiful and relaxing scene to get high to.

Blowfish Restaurant

Blowfish Restaurant is easily among the most sophisticated and mature restaurants in Cape Town, South Africa — and meals here come with a healthy dose of CBD. The restaurant itself is stunning, with enormous glass windows that look onto the Atlantic, and the cuisine is as delicious as it is relaxing.

As legalization spreads around the world, more cities are bound to open their own weed eateries. You might look for cannabis cuisine as you travel, as you are certain to find even more delicious options in the coming years.



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