Bib, Check. Gloves, Check. Time to dig into Brindisa’s Calçotada celebration.

While #TeamCoco are never ones to turn our noses up at a kooky tasting menu in a low lit restaurant or to complain about queuing for the latest kawaii dessert, we might just have found our next favourite trend; food you need protective gear to eat…

Brindisa, the home of Spanish food in the UK, has brought over to our shores one of Catalonia’s traditional winter festivals, CalçotadaCalçots, long green onions, are the original limited edition as they only grow from late January to March. When chargrilled and then peeled by gloved hands and dipped in creamy romesco sauce they are honestly to die for, and that’s just the start of the special weekend menu available at Brindisa’s Shoreditch outlet. We’d wager that the fact you’ve helped prepare the onions makes the caramelised mouthfuls even more delicious.

A bit like the kräftskiva, the Swedish crayfish party, that has invaded the british psyche due to Ikea’s power; we can’t wait to see the smily Mr Calçot, complete with cartoon eyes, legs and hands printed on everything. In the meantime we’ll just have to make do with the great paraphenelia that comes with diving into Brindisa’s special Calçotada weekend menu, available until the end of March at Tapas Brindisa Shoreditch or ordering our own DIY Calçot kits from


On a grey Sunday, we entered the restaurant and were instantly transported to the more exotic climbs of Catalonia ; nestled at our table among large groups of amigos – proving the theory that if people from the country in question are eating in the restaurant, you are in for a treat. The Calçotada  menu runs until end of March and offers an epic sharing basket of caramelised, chewy calçots, a dedicated meat, vegetarian or vegan tapas style main finished with a smooth Crema Catalana with the all important crunchy lake of sugar on top.

This meal paired with a delicious G&T (the Spaniards really know their way around the stuff) or cava poured from traditional porrones (spanish drinking jugs) has got to be the best way to wait out dull spring before we get to crack out the Sangria jug.

The traditional Calçotada feast is and great value at £35pp with the Vegan option sitting at £27pp. The menu is available exclusively at Tapas Brindisa Shoreditch on weekends throughout March, 12-5pm. To book your table visit

DIY Calçotada kits (£14) are available for delivery nationwide via online shop


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