London-based start-up food brand Olly’s is launching a new initiative focused on sharing delicious (and nutritious) treats with loved ones. The initiative is purpose-built for the lockdown lifestyle that is now on our horizon. Olly’s has brought together some of the most exciting start-up brands to offer 500 free boxes of a bespoke ‘In The House Mix’. These gift boxes will be available online, first come first served from 6:30pm on the 2nd November.

For many of us during lockdown, seeing loved ones is impossible. With this in mind, the team at Olly’s, known for their range of healthy snacks, have decided to devise an initiative that could withstand the heaviest social restrictions, and provide people with a unique chance to surprise and treat loved ones to something healthy and tasty.

Containing a selection of treats perfect for every palette, Olly’s new ‘In The House Mix’ features all of Olly’s signature snacks, as well KIND’s famous breakfast bars, an all-natural energy drink from Tenzing and MOMA’s mouth-watering porridge pot, as well as many more. The full contents of Olly’s ‘In The House Mix’ are:

– Olly’s Pretzels

– Olly’s Nuts

– Olly’s Olives

– Tony’s Chocolonely Bar

– KIND Protein Bar

– KIND Breakfast Bar

– Manilife Peanut Butter Pot

– Tenzing Drink Can

– Mr Lee’s Noodle Pot

– MOMA Porridge Pot

– Livia’s Dunx Pot

– Phizz Hydration Tablet

– Patch Plants Coupon

– MOJU Coupon

Olly’s hope to lift the spirits of those facing a winter very different from the one they were promised. With their new lockdown snack selection, anyone looking to brighten the dark November days of a loved one will be taking note.

Founder Olly Hiscocks says, “I don’t think we need to say much more than that 2020 has been tough, and with the latest restrictions already here for some and looming for others, we wanted to do something to put a smile back on your faces

There are many of us that don’t have the opportunity to see, say hi and hug a loved one. We wanted this box to go some way for people to be able to surprise and treat their loved ones. With a lot of noise being made around the lacklustre treatment of students at the moment, we initially curated this box especially for them, but we know there are loads of people who are having a tough time at the moment and we hope this gift box would be a beam of light in what has a tendency to be darker times at the moment.

We’ve got 10 awesome brands who have contributed to the box and their generosity is a testament to the world of startups in the UK at the moment. The box and all its contents are completely free, all one has to do is pay postage to send it to a loved one. Great Britain – we’ve got your back.””

Olly’s Household Mix will be available on from Monday 2nd November with 500 available.

The box and its contents are completely FREE, with a postage fee of £3.50.

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