Deodorant is something that’s used by millions of people on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most deodorants contain harmful chemicals. In addition to containing harmful chemicals, many parts of deodorant cans and tins are non-recyclable, meaning that they contribute to the growing global waste problem. If you want to make a change and start buying deodorant from sustainable brands, then you’re on the right track. Buying from sustainable brands will preserve your health and the environment.

This article will present a few useful tips for how you can choose the deodorant that’s perfect for you:


The first thing that you should bear in mind when you are looking for a new deodorant is the amount of waste that it produces. There’s a trend sweeping the world, and it’s zero-waste deodorant, free from chemicals and not harmful to the environment. As mentioned in this article’s introduction, most deodorant cannot be recycled and therefore contributes to the world’s growing waste crisis. By making a conscious effort to only buy zero waste deodorant, you help to be part of the solution, not the problem. Make sure that you do your part and recycle your waste products after you have used them. If you throw them in the trash with everything else, then there’s no point in buying zero waste products.


The deodorant’s ingredients are very important. You need to do your best to avoid deodorant that is made from harmful chemicals and contains parabens and aluminum because these things can be very bad for your health. Fortunately, there are lots of brands now offering products that are free from these things. However, just because a brand markets itself as being sustainable, that doesn’t mean that it really is. The best way to determine whether a brand’s products are free from chemicals is to go onto their individual product pages and read their ingredients box.


Sustainability is very important. Make sure that the product that you are using has been made from sustainable products and wasn’t created as a detriment to the environment. This information should be available on the manufacturer’s mission page or alternatively on the product’s description page. If you don’t support sustainable brands, then you are essentially contributing to the ongoing climate crisis. Sustainable shopping can help to counter greenhouse gasses and pollution.


As already mentioned, you should always check out the manufacturer’s mission statement, and do a little bit of research about them. The best way to research a deodorant manufacturer is to check out their reviews on the internet and see if they have been featured in any magazines or newspapers. More often than not, deodorant companies that are committed to sustainability will have been featured, at one point or another, in some kind of online journal or newspaper. If they haven’t that doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t a good brand to shop with, so still give them a go if their reviews are positive across the board.


The scent is also of course an important thing to consider. It’s all good and well buying deodorant from sustainable brands, but if the scent isn’t there then what’s in it for you? Deodorant is not just about preventing perspiration – it’s also about making you smell good. Make sure to test out the deodorant first by buying a single bottle or can, instead of buying several at once. You should also try to find a scent that’s natural, like tea tree. Synthetic perfumes included in deodorant can be very bad for your health. Tea tree has a very strong scent that does not need to be artificially increased, as does mint.


You also need to take cost into consideration. If an item costs too much, the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability is really irrelevant. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it – it’s that simple. Make sure that before you buy anything or begin researching, you work out your budget. Bear in mind that deodorant made from natural ingredients and from sustainable sources is usually much more expensive than cheap chemical deodorant because the ingredients are harder to source and the deodorant is harder to put together.


Finally, as has been mentioned throughout this article abundantly, read reviews. Ultimately, reviews will tell you everything that you need to know about a product manufacturer and their deodorant. Independent comparative review sites are usually the best places to find information on deodorant brands.

Deodorants that contain chemicals can be very bad for your health. They can also cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. If you want to stop using them, then take this article’s advice and find a deodorant brand that’s sustainable and affordable.


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