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Visiting Sacramento For The First Time: Five Things You Must Do

Taking your first tri to Sacramento gives you a view of California Central Valley, and you can see how the state came to be.

Visiting Sacramento offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. As California’s capital, the city boasts a variety of attractions, from the historic Old Sacramento waterfront to the contemporary art scene and gourmet dining options. Whether exploring the State Capitol or enjoying the scenic American River Parkway, visiting Sacramento promises an enriching and memorable experience.

Taking your first trip to Sacramento gives you a view of California’s Central Valley, and you can see how the state came to be. Plus, this city has many lovely restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. You can see many lovely cultural locations, and there are five options below that will make the city a wonderful vacation destination. These are the awesome things to do in Sacramento that you must try. Plan your trip well in advance of your departure so that you can have an itinerary for every day of your journey.

1. A Guide For Historical Tours And Local Knowledge

When you are ready to tour the city, you should hire a guide who can show you historical sites, give you recommendations, and show you the spots they would visit. It is fun to walk through the city while you are told the history of the capital and the state. Plus, it is easy to get to know the tour guide on your tour. You can ask the tour guide about their favourite places to eat, favourite bars, and favourite nightclubs.

Your tour guide might recommend clubs like Faces, MomoSacramento, and Badlands Dance Club. You might go to the Midtown Barfly for a drink, or you can try Sky KTV and The Torch Club. You can set aside a night on your trip just to go on a pub crawl, and you will meet amazing people along the way.

Bacon and Butter, Fixins Soul Kitchen, and Beast and Bounty are amazing restaurants to try while you are in the city. These restaurants are spread throughout the city, but you will find little pockets or bars, nightclubs, and restaurants huddled together throughout the city. Find a pocket of local taverns, clubs, and eateries that you think will be fun to visit.

2. California State Capitol Museum

The State Capitol Museum gives you a glimpse into how the state was formed, how the capital became Sacramento, and how the capitol’s location factors into commerce for the entire state. You will learn about all the governors and legislators who have managed the state from this town, and you will learn about the construction of the state capitol building.

You may get a chance to tour parts of the state capitol while the assembly is in session, or you may get to enter the chamber when the assembly is out of session. Ask for a guided tour to as many parts of the building as possible.

3. California State Railroad Museum

The railroad has played a big part in the growth of California. The railroad was meant to connect the west coast with the east coast, and goods that were exported from the west coast would leave on old trains. The farms in the Central Valley have access to trains that will take their food to any part of the country, and many famous trains rain in California alone.

You will see old trains, and models of some of the most famous trains in the state’s history, and learn about the people who managed the railroads in California. Your kids can learn about trains simply, and you will learn how the old train lines still operate today. Anyone who loves trains must see the museum’s collection up close.

4. Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker Art Museum is a beautifully curated facility that houses local art created throughout the centuries. Art ranges from the Mexican aristocrats who once inhabited Los Angeles to the native Americans who once roamed these lands. Plus, you will learn about local artists from the area, artists who were born in California, and art that may be travelling through the museum.

The modern building will beguile you with its white walls, and you will walk through hundreds of years of history in the oldest art gallery west of the Mississippi.

5. Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo gives your kids a chance to see some amazing animals that are housed here for their own safety. The zoological staff cares for these animals throughout the year, and you can learn about animals that are native to California. You can schedule a full tour of the zoo, or you can walk through the zoo on your own accord. You can plan to visit the zoo in the morning so that you can see all the animals as they are waking up, or you may come at night for one of many special events.

The zoo is a good place to take your children, but it is also a nice place to have a picnic in the afternoon. Plus, you can go into the specialized reptile house to learn about native snakes, lizards, and frogs.


Visiting Sacramento should be a highlight of your trip to the West Coast. You can see amazing buildings, learn about the history of California, and go to amazing clubs, bars, and restaurants. Plus, you take a dinner cruise down the river at night. You might want to go on a run through Capitol Park, or you can take a tour of the Leland Stanford estate. He is the man who founded Stanford University.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is a gorgeous example of Gothic construction in the West, and Sutter’s Fort State Park gives you a glimpse of what a Civil War-era fort looked like in California. All these stops and more might be recommended by your tour guide on your first day.