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Women Worldwide : Creating Positive Change Through Skincare With Trisha Watson

Women Worldwide : Creating Positive Change Through Skincare With Trisha Watson

Trisha Watson grew up on a small farm and it was here that she can recall her earliest memories of skincare.

February 6th, 2020

Trisha Watson grew up on a small farm and it was here that she can recall her earliest memories of skincare. Being a child and having an interest in skincare was a clear indication that one day she would have her own company in this industry.

Her story is one of inspiration and here she chats to us about her journey so far, plans for the future and more…

Tell us about the journey that lead you to where you are today
It began on a small farm in Black Diamond, Washington. As a child, my three sisters and I, alongside our parents, worked to farm our land, harvest the crops and keep the soil of the earth in impeccable condition. In need of more soil to till, we moved to a larger farm in Eastern Washington, where the sun was on our side, the crops were more fruitful and land more plentiful.

My earliest memory of skincare, was sitting under our kitchen table where women were gathering for an at home skincare party. I remember my grandmother graciously handing me sample packets of skincare as I sat at her feet. I was about 4. I can still recall the texture and feel of the product and becoming instantly mesmerized by it. Looking back, I realize that my grandmothers gesture was to keep my little hands busy so the adults could have their time, yet, unbeknownst to her, she was creating the founder of an organic skincare brand.

In my younger years, I had less than perfect skin. I speak for myself and all sufferers of troubled skin when I say, if the battle of a less than perfect complexion shows on the outside, one will never be able to put into words the severity of the battle on the inside. It was this alone that made me decide, no matter the issue, I wanted to create positive change in the lives of others through the healing of their skin.

With a yearning desire to follow my dream as a Skincare Therapist, I attended business school, became a licensed esthetician and grew a skincare business in the heart of downtown Spokane. During that time, I began blending skincare mixtures with various organic herbs to be used in treatment for targeted issues. Eventually, I created a small capsule line for retail at the indoor Farmers Market which neighbored my treatment business. This is where the retail side if things began taking sprout.

After years of exploring the city life, I couldn’t help but long for open air, the texture of soil and the warm, loving freedom that cultivates when surrounded by the pale green hills of farmland. With my passion for skin care and the new formulations combined with a strong calling back to farm life, my husband Rob and I bought a small farm and moved the business and family from the city. This is where I found space to let my creativity run wild in becoming a return-to-earth beauty entrepreneur, establishing an authentic, conscience skincare line crafted using quality ingredients, responsibly sourced from organic farms.

In creation of a ‘seed to bottle’ approach to my skincare haven, we now nurture two full gardens of organic herbs to be incorporated into various products throughout the line along with outsourcing many ingredients to farmers right here in our own farming community who are dedicated, hardworking, inspirational and passionate about the organic plants they provide.

This skincare contains high content organic makings that are superior in performance, effective, good for the customer and good for our Earth. Trisha Watson Organics is paraben free, phthalate free, gluten free and of course cruelty free.

We fell in love with your brand because you champion beauty from the inside out, promoting that beauty is more than our physical attributes. What does true beauty meant to you?

True beauty becomes more evident through death of the ego. Throughout life, we are all offered experiences in which we can choose to be humbled. As one excepts the humbling, the ego slips further away, naturally inviting in a true and sincere spirit of humility, nobility and a higher intelligence. To me, this is where beauty begins to flow from facet of being.

Tell us about a recent BossBabe moment…

My most recent boss babe moment, would be taking this interview. Putting oneself out there can be hard, nonetheless, I do understand that the soul purpose of fear is to decrease our hope and limits our victories, so I cultivated courage and pushed through. I am so very thankful to House of Cocoa for urging me to crack open and finally construct the courage to talk my dream.

What does 2020 look like for you?

For 2020, I hope for the opportunity to continue sharing my soul with the world through my creative abilities and strive to deepen my contentment in all things.

Looking back over your time in the business, is there anything you’d do differently?

I am a true believer in fate and that every piece of the puzzle was set perfectly into place by the most masterful artist. I wouldn’t change a thing. I believe every step, helpful or inhibiting, is a valuable building block to a much bigger picture.

Who is involved in the business?

First beside me, is my husband, Rob, he ALWAYS has my back. Last year, he began working with me aside from running a business of his own. He brings a much needed masculine energy to the brand, balancing things wholly so I can nurture my feminine nature which is so important to me, in my job as a Mom and also as a creative artist and beauty entrepreneur. I create a vision and he brings that vision to life. We make a great team along with our production manger and the rest of our beloved help.

Outside of work, what do you do to switch off?

I snuggle my kids, burying my face in their soft, little, precious, necks. The sweet smell and the joy in their faces, creates an instant sunshine that carries me a million miles away. Reality through the eyes of a child is an excellent way to disconnect.

Where do you get inspiration from?

I am most inspired to create in times of stillness. In these random moments, a rush of information flows over me. This is how ingredients are solidified and my formulations are created. It is a spiritual thing I guess. I am devout catholic and avid yogi, I let God be the CEO and make the decisions for me. My responsibility is to pray hard and listen as deeply as possible then eventually, the information comes through my hands.

How often do you release new products and what, to date, has been the best seller?

At this point, there is no set schedule when new products are released. I create what comes to me, when it comes. In the beginning, my creativity ran wild as I developed new products rapidly. Now that the line has a good size foot print, I’ve been able to produce at a more comfortable pace and enjoy the process. Best sellers are tied between Flower Girl facial mist and Ultimate Bliss, two very illustrious products.

Our readers love to travel, where’s your happy place?

For me personally, it is my Mama’s back porch overlooking the farm I grew up on. She makes her own homemade wine and, I’m telling you, she is good at it! Otherwise, the banks of a river in Montana or the tip top of a north east Washington mountain somewhere is great way to find a real happy place.

Follow Trisha on her rise to the top trishawatson.com.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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