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A Foodies Budapest Bucket List

Beyond the quirky ruin bars and beautiful architecture of Budapest, there’s a variety of delicious food to try. Enjoy a taste of local Hungarian cuisine, or venture around the world with a taste of Mexico, America and Greece.

Cereal Beast Cafe

This one’s for breakfast lovers who need a kick of energy to begin their day exploring. This old-school breakfast bar has every type of cereal from your younger years. Imagine Lucky Charms, topped with sweet treats and your choice of any flavoured milk – A sweet tooth’s dream.

Karavan Street Food

A cool, quirky food court, Karavan offers every type of food in one place. Expect food trucks and booths serving mouth-watering delicacies which you can consume standing up, or sitting on one of the benches at the back. Choices include the cheese-heaven Paneer, the juicy burgers of Zing, vegan alternative Las Vegan’s, and international dishes as well, such as Vespa Rossa’s Italian cuisine or MexKitchen.

Hippie Island

Located in the middle of Buda and Pest, in the peaceful place of Margaret Island. This funky, vibrant outdoor bar, offers colourful cocktails and the best nachos that are to die for. Top tip: Share with two or three people, as these nachos are gigantic!

Gundel Cafe Patisserie

The most famous Hungarian restaurant, Gundel is well-known as one of the most illustrious restaurants in Hungary. It was the birthplace of the most famous traditional Hungarian dishes which were the basis of Budapest gastronomy. Expect authentic local dishes here including chicken pancakes, Langos, dumplings, and chicken paprikash.