In the world of bespoke wedding planning, where dreams are meticulously woven into reality, one name stands out as the visionary force behind unparalleled celebrations on the enchanting island of Ibiza — Lauren Kaycee.

As the founder of Hidden Treasures Ibiza, Lauren’s journey is a testament to the art of crafting unique and captivating wedding experiences. From her early days as a singer and performer to the heights of being recognized as the Best Bespoke Wedding Planner and Ibiza Wedding Industry Entrepreneur of the Year, Lauren’s story is a symphony of passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to turning love stories into unforgettable moments.

Join us as we delve into the inspirations, challenges, and magical moments that have shaped Lauren’s path, making Hidden Treasures Ibiza a beacon of excellence in the world of destination weddings…

How did the idea of starting Hidden Treasures Ibiza come to you, and what inspired you to venture into the wedding planning industry?

I had been living in Ibiza and working in the wedding and event industry for 10 years already. I was a singer and performer in shows, restaurants, cabaret clubs, weddings, and private events. I progressed into creating shows and bands for such events, managing, directing, styling them, and working on the bookings in general.

I really wanted to concentrate on weddings and go into wedding planning, as I had seen things I loved and things that I knew I could do better! Everyone told me I was crazy and that the market was too competitive and high pressure, so it made me want to do it more!! I had a fire in me and knew something was about to unfold. The core of the wedding industry, of course, is being such a special part of someone’s day, and I longed to be the one creating such incredible moments.

Can you share a pivotal moment or experience that led you to specialise in Ibiza weddings?

As the founder, how do you personally contribute to making each wedding a unique and personalised experience for the couple? I still do lots of the planning for the main weddings. I make the consultation calls and filter the bookings, see which couples match our vibe and how we connect on the call. I find it so inspiring to delve into their dreams and ideas and get to know them a little, which then starts the journey of their entire experience.

I led the team in the design process, and in which suppliers will match their personalities best to enhance their day. We don’t do copy and paste – everything has to be curated individually, and I feel that the only way to hold this promise is to ensure I am involved.

What aspects of a couple’s personality or preferences do you find most inspiring when crafting their wedding experience?

I love a couple who have style and aren’t afraid to go with what they love, and what represents them, rather than going with what everyone else has, or what they think a wedding should be. You will always regret not doing the things you love most! The music they love, how they met, how they laugh together, all inspire me to want to turn their dreams into reality.

What is it about Ibiza that makes it the perfect destination for weddings in your perspective?

Ibiza has utter magic. You can be chic and classy on a rooftop sushi bar, get down and dirty in DC10, or lay in paradise on a beautiful beach. The gastronomy, cobbled streets of Dalt Vila, orange and olive groves in the rolling luscious hills, boutiques and cosmopolitan markets, and of course its hedonistic lifestyle that you can feel in your bones.

The golden hour and sunsets are like no others on earth, and spending even just a little time here leaves such an imprint, it draws you back time and time again.

How do you work with couples to create a bespoke concept for their wedding, and what does this process typically involve?

Really getting to know the couple is what it’s all about. For me, I truly mean it. I have to be a part of their life for 1 to 3 years, we go through the whole journey together of brainstorming, mood boards, and… we will talk about their favourite cuisine, maybe they had Italian food on their first date, so we will have the chef add it to the menu, or perhaps she drank too much tequila one night and he put her to bed, so we will suggest a shot of tequila at the speeches to add humour.

This can also mean suggesting sentimental ideas as a memorial to a loved one who has passed or focusing some moments on a special grandparent. All these small things that create a bespoke experience are to me, essential.  

Can you give an example of a unique request that you successfully brought to life?

I had a celebrity couple who were an absolute dream to work with, but of course came with challenges regarding paparazzi. Dealing with press calls, planting decoys, and creating shields with plants and bamboo from the press were all details we will forever look back on, but the best request was the gravy fountain.

Good old British gravy, cascading in a piping hot fountain, where guests delighted in dipping fresh Yorkshire puddings and chunky homemade chips into, was brilliant to witness! I’m always here for a late-night snack, and what better than your absolute favourite food?! Your wedding should represent you and your personality, and that is what makes a wedding…

How did you assemble and mentor your team to ensure that Hidden Treasures Ibiza weddings run seamlessly?

What qualities do you look for when handpicking professionals to join your team? Wedding days are not light work. They are 18 hours on your feet, eating as you go, trying to stay hydrated, problem-solving, and with us as we have the styling aspect as we include all of the decoration, so heavy lifting and moving items round all day long is a huge part of the job.

I need my team to be physically capable and also super professional and composed when client-facing. I look for dedication, individuals that will go out their way to make it work no matter what, who can stay focused and get things done before they even need doing. It takes a special kind of person to work for Hidden Treasures- we are known for having the best team on the island and I am so proud of them all and the reputation we have all built together.

Being unique in including a team of stylists, how do you collaborate with couples to enhance and complement their individual styles?

We are super detail-focused, and our weddings are entirely flawless. It’s something I pride myself on 100%, so it all starts with the mood board. I ask them to create the board, and then we go through all the images, the colour palette, angles, and spaces. We look at what will work logistically considering the hot temperatures and timing of the sunset, and we then create mock-ups and bring them to our studio to play with fabrics, tableware, and flowers, we pull pieces from our showroom and bring in new or specially made items until they are happy with the look, and we are confident we can produce each element.

Share a memorable moment where the styling played a significant role in creating a magical atmosphere.

It is always magical when we flip the aesthetic from day to night. We move quickly and discreetly through the event lighting candles, turning up lighting, setting up the new evening areas with precision, so it seamlessly changes the ambiance to get ready for the party. The styling for me is my favourite part, and I am in love with the reaction on faces of the couple and their guests when they arrive to see their real-life mood board in front of their eyes. Every time is so heartwarming for me, I will never tire of this moment and feeling.

Can you elaborate on the exclusive service that involves discovering the best Ibiza wedding venues? What makes these venues special?

I take the wedding venue search very seriously, I am known for my honesty. It has to be this way to promise a flawless execution. A couple may think they know what they want or like, yet as we delve into the venue search it may become clear to me it isn’t right for them, and it is only with deep inside knowledge of the venues that I am able to advise them of the best match for them.

I always plan a styled shoot at a venue before I add it to my exclusive venues list. This allows me to see how they work, how they cope with all the moving parts, how they are as hosts and how the venue lends itself to logistics and layouts. I need to know for myself without relying on recommendations which may not be genuine. Then I know I can really talk about the venue, sell it and know all the ins and outs of every nook and cranny.

Share a favourite venue or location that you believe encapsulates the essence of a Hidden Treasures Ibiza wedding.

Ouch- I would be lynched if I picked a favourite!! I always say what one venue lacks another offers- some have all the dreamy aesthetics but the indoor space may be limited, and some have the most wonderful staff but the venue is not in the hottest location. They are all stunning, and have impeccable standards, and are glorious in their own right.

How do you ensure that the personal connection between Hidden Treasures Ibiza and the couples remains strong throughout the wedding planning journey?

Connection. We are always connected. We talk all the time, and I am always available. I am there for my couples entirely and completely, and they lean on me with personal issues as well as wedding issues. …… and I have past brides in my life now that I feel honoured to call friends. It’s not just a service I offer, it’s a lifestyle I embrace.

What inspired the idea of incorporating pre and post-wedding celebrations into your services?

The popularity now of hosting three-day-long celebrations is at an all-time high. Especially with a destination wedding. They are likely bringing guests over that will use this time as their yearly or family vacation, so not only do they want to offer more events but it is the best excuse to lengthen the celebrations! Planning the complete package gives us the ability to ensure a different feel for each celebration, where guests can enjoy multiple experiences on the day from nightclubs to yacht parties. We thrive when we get to show off the best Ibiza has to offer!

Can you share an unforgettable pre or post-wedding celebration that stands out in your memory?

Dancing in the DJ booth with Black coffee post wedding, champagne sprays at Nikki Beach, a BBQ on a luxury super yacht, a pregnancy announcement at a pre-wedding garden party… just so many wonderful memories and we cannot wait to create more in 2024!

What motivated you to create luxury elopement packages, and how do they differ from traditional wedding planning?

An elopement is just the couple, with sometimes their children or another couple as their guests. They are ever so intimate and just hit different. Of course, a few years ago with restrictions, they became more popular and were reinvented, but they are still going strong. It gives a couple a chance to spend a smaller amount but on the things they really love, A luxurious stay, a five-star chef and butler service, champagne, a stunning bouquet and designer dress, …it’s not for everyone of course, but it boils down to the vows, the moment of commitment… and is there anything more romantic than being alone in your very own bubble on a clifftop?

Share a romantic or intimate moment from one of your elopements that left a lasting impression.

I cry at every ceremony. Always have always will! But The one I truly broke down on was where the young son of the couple sobbed as he spoke during the ceremony, about how he witnessed so much love in the household between his parents, that it showed him how love was supposed to be, it made him so happy and proud to have such loving parents, and how he hoped he would have this kind of everlasting, undeniable love one day himself.

His words forever in my memory: “ I love how much you love each other and have taught me what love is” I think he was about 8 years old. Every single person sobbed. It still brings tears to my eyes now.

How does it feel to be recognised as the Best Bespoke Wedding Planner and Ibiza Wedding Industry Entrepreneur of the Year by The Global 100?

I was blown away, to be honest. I put my heart and soul into this business, built it from the ground up by myself, and was so overwhelmed when I heard the news. A proud moment is an understatement.

Can you recall a specific client testimonial that truly touched your heart?

All testimonials mean the world to me as I take each one so personally. One that stood out was “ “more importantly, thank you for all the things you did, that I will never even know about, to make our day unforgettable. I know there are many things, and I want you to know, it’s all felt”

How has global recognition, such as the LUXlife 2020 Global Wedding Awards, impacted the growth and reputation of Hidden Treasures Ibiza?

I think each recognition adds value to a business, It certainly gives you more motivation to push forward, which then leads to a much higher standard and in turn, becoming more in demand. I never take any mention, publication or post for granted, it is all valued and all felt.

What advice would you give to aspiring wedding planners looking to make a mark in the industry?

Funny you should ask…I am currently launching a coaching and mentoring business for new wedding pros, or businesses wanting to break into the wedding industry. The course will be launching in spring focusing primarily on Marketing and branding, building relationships, and client experience.

These are the core components that need full attention and dedication before anything else is even addressed. Then you can look at the things surrounding these subjects like where do you want to be, do you want to plan specific styles, and are you looking to offer styling or extra services.

The quote on your website is beautiful. Can you share the story or sentiment behind “When I first saw you, it took every ounce of me…”?

Isn’t it just beautiful! I saw it graffitied on a derelict building, completely misplaced and unexpected, and it took my breath away. I stood and read it about 10 times and then thought it would be the most wonderful phrase to hear from the love of your life, so I had to use it!

Talking of quotes, what’s your go-to quote when lacking motivation?

Not a quote but something I do when I feel stagnant or lack motivation: when I lack motivation I go to nature, The beach or the mountains, take some breaths and imagine I am the couple dancing around my wedding day, laughing with family and getting teary at the speeches I imagine what they would love and what they would remember. I go for a drive and listen to my favourite music full blast. I eat my favourite food and once I have given all my senses a little inspo, I feel back to myself again, and ready to create.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I am currently on a 5 week trip around Sri Lanka and Bali which has been on my list for a while! I love a mini European city break and Paris, believe it or not, is still on my list!, The Azores is high up there, as well as the Philippines.

What’s your go-to quote when lacking motivation?

Not a quote but something I do when I feel stagnant or lack motivation: when I lack motivation I go to nature, The beach or the mountains, take some breaths and imagine I am the couple dancing round my wedding day, laughing with family and getting teary at the speeches I imagine what they would love and what they would remember.

I go for a drive and listen to my favourite music full blast. I eat my favourite food and once I have given all my senses a little inspo, I feel back to myself again, and ready to create.

Looking back since launching the business, is there anything you would do differently?

I learned by making mistakes and doing things the hard way, with no mentor and no team, just me. I wish I had given myself less pressure, and taken a breath once in a while, but if I had done anything differently, I wouldn’t be me, and I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Maybe a little more sleep, a little less worry, and a little more hydration!

Where can people follow you and find out more?

I run the Instagram myself as I love interacting with real people. I like to keep it as informative as possible, with tips and Q&As, and inspo, so the highlights are a great starting point. I love chatting to new followers too.

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