If you are planning to travel the world for the first time, this article is for you. You can arrange a trip to either any European or Schengen country. As a result, this comes with a procedure to get your visa.

Consequently, you may not be aware that you must submit various documents to the embassy to get a permit. Moreover, make sure to follow the entire visa process and the guidelines of that specific country to ace your application. 

What documents do you need?

In the case of documents, you must submit a passport, pictures, proof of accommodation, travel health insurance, and a round-trip flight itinerary for a visa. These may include a visa application form as well.

Furthermore, the document submission depends on the type of visa you need. For example, the requirements for a short-stay and a long-stay visa are different.

What is a Travel Itinerary?

A travel itinerary saves you time and money during your trip. Moreover, it ensures that you stay organized during your entire journey to the target country. The reason is that it is a detailed travel plan that outlines your journey from start to end.

Alternate names

In addition, you can refer to it by other names as well. For example,

  • Flight travel itinerary
  • Flight reservation
  • Round-trip flight itinerary

What information is included in it?

This document will help the embassy know the following information:

  • Your destination country
  • Duration of your stay
  • Expected date of return
  • Planned set of activities
  • Any connecting flights (if applicable)

Furthermore, make sure that your flight itinerary is flexible enough to change according to your plans along the way. It will prevent you from missing out on any famous attractive spot that you planned to visit.

Step-by-Step Guide to Plan a Flight Itinerary

You can follow the steps mentioned below to create a perfect travel itinerary before planning your next adventure.

Your budget and trip length

The first thing you must decide on is the budget and the trip length. Check how much time and money you have for this trip. For instance, if you have only 7 days, then it would not be ideal to visit Thailand. But you can explore the main attractions of Poland in a week.

Furthermore, traveling to Europe will be much more expensive than staying in Cambodia for three months. Therefore, make sure to travel to less expensive Eastern European countries if you have a tight budget.

Pick a destination

Once you have decided the time and money you have, you can proceed ahead. This step will require you to choose a destination country. For this purpose, you can consider the following points:

  • Which countries do you want to visit and are on your must-visit list?
  • Are you inspired by a reel on the social media site and now want to go there?
  • What season would you prefer to travel to your dreamland?

Summer is the best time to visit Europe but it will cost you more fortune. For example, you can spend your entire summers in the Baltic countries on a budget. However, you can stay more than 2 weeks in the South of France with the same amount of money.

Select flights

Your travel itinerary must also include this step as it is directly proportional to your budget. If you want to visit your dream country in Europe, you have to choose a cheap flight.

Likewise, the flight price when traveling to Asia from Europe will also be your biggest expense. Therefore, you must look for cheaper flights to move to the target spot. For this purpose, you can use Google Flights or Skyscanner to know the cheapest flight prices.

Short-list places you want to visit

Now you have selected the country where you want to go, this step requires you to short-list the places you want to visit. You can use the following means to figure out your attractive places:

  • Look through the first page of Google. This is because different bloggers have mentioned various places to visit.
  • Research thoroughly as only adventurers and explorers visit the hidden places or gems of that country.
  • Lastly, you can also watch videos on YouTube to get more information. Also, try to spot the best restaurants in the city as it can be the main reason for you to visit that place.

Write your daily itinerary

To write down your daily itinerary,

  • You can use Google Sheets, a computer, or a pen & paper.
  • You can write the days you have and the places you want to visit each day. It will allow you to track the total time you have for these activities.
  • You can mention the date and time in front of each place.
  • In addition, you can also add the cost of accommodation and transportation to analyse your basic travel budget. 

Book accommodation and transportation

Once you have identified the days and times you will be on the road, you can book your accommodation and transportation. It is advisable to make these arrangements as early as possible because the best places may sell out quickly.

The ideal time is to book a week or two before your planned departure. Lastly, you can also find out the local activities you can do during your trip such as boat tours in summer.

Best Practices to Consider

  1. The first thing you must understand is the purpose of your trip. Analyse why you are visiting a particular country. For example, this may include attending a business meeting, for research purposes, or exploring the country’s culture.
  2. Staying organised and keeping track of your documents is an essential thing you must do. You can create a physical wallet to keep everything in place.
  1. Make sure that you check your travel documents before planning your journey. 

For this purpose, 

  1. Recheck the passport’s expiry date
  2. Ensure to buy valid travel insurance coverage for the trip
  3. Confirm if you need proof of vaccination before visiting the country
  4. Have a verifiable round-trip flight itinerary for visa and proof of accommodation. This shows that you have strong ties with your home country and will return. You can get it through SFRV Travels as they offer such services to their clients at the best-discounted price.
  1. Timing plays an important role when you plan your travel activities. This may include the time you will take going from one point to another and the mode of transportation.
  2. You can also explore the country by downloading a navigation app or a local transportation application.
  3. Lastly, you must learn about the cultural differences and plan your leisure activities accordingly to make the most out of them.

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