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Quit Smoking

How Nicotine Pouches Can Help You Quit Smoking

As more people attempt to quit smoking, newer nicotine alternatives are beginning to grow in popularity. A study of nearly 1,600 US adults found that 46.6%

As more people attempt to quit smoking, newer nicotine alternatives are beginning to grow in popularity. A study of nearly 1,600 US adults found that 46.6% were aware of nicotine pouches, and 278 had used them. Meanwhile, this study indicates that one in 400 adults in Great Britain use nicotine pouches, with prevalence having increased from 2020 to 2021.

While not everyone uses nicotine pouches for the express purpose of quitting tobacco, it does remain the most common use case. A survey of young adults from six metropolitan areas in the US found that 16.8% were turning to nicotine pouches to quit combustible tobacco. If you are planning to drop your cigarette habit for good this 2024, here’s how nicotine pouches can help.

The lowdown on nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches are a source of nicotine that does not contain tobacco constituents such as the leaf or stem. They typically come in cans, with multiple pouches per can, and the pouch is held between the user’s gum and lip. Nicotine is then delivered through the oral mucosa, absorbed through the mucous membranes, and enters the bloodstream.
Other forms of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) already exist, such as patches, gum, and lozenges. However, this review indicates that some adverse effects have been reported with such NRTs. For instance, nausea and hiccups were reported for lozenges, jaw pain was reported with gum and skin irritation and sensitivity were associated with nicotine patches. The review also cites a small study, which found that nicotine pouches have lower mean ratings of craving compared to nicotine gum. This demonstrates potential in terms of using nicotine pouches as a smoking cessation tool.

How they can help you quit

Nicotine pouches have also become more accessible to prospective quitters as they can be bought online. This webpage highlights how the popular brand VELO comes in a wide array of strengths, from 2mg to 7mg. They also have a variety of flavors, including familiar flavors like mint, coffee, and more. Exotic variants like VELO Max Dragon Fruit 7mg are also an option for vapers who are used to out-of-the-box flavors but are looking to quit. Over time, users can transition from higher dosages to the 4mg and 2mg versions. Gradually tapering nicotine dosages can help quitters move forward in their smoking cessation journey.

Quitting smoking may also be motivated by a need to avoid the odors that come with cigarettes, which can be done through transitioning to nicotine pouches. Some nicotine pouch brands like CHILL come in refreshing flavors like mango and lemon, featuring a moist pouch mouth feel for comfort. These products have a soft cellulose base filter that evenly releases both nicotine and flavor.

Nicotine pouches are becoming more viable compared to e-cigarettes or vapes, as they can be used anywhere for an unobtrusive nicotine consumption experience. They are also odor- and stain-free. This makes pouches an ideal alternative for those who want to avoid nicotine withdrawal symptoms, which can be worsened by tighter smoking laws and a lack of other options in certain areas.

However, like any other form of NRT, nicotine pouches are best paired with behavioral changes and a robust support system. A study published by Cambridge University found that smokers who relied on social support from friends and family had higher odds of wanting to quit than those who did not. In a previous post, we talked about the feelings of dread, guilt, and anxiety that can come with the perceived failure of one’s New Year’s resolutions, which can include resolutions to quit smoking. With dedicated support on your side, you can be encouraged to work through relapses and continue your quit journey. With reduced-risk nicotine pouches as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, smokers can navigate cessation more sustainably for better chances of success.