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professional photographers

RetouchMe Pro: a new online service for professional photographers

The work of a professional photographer involves not only the high quality of the images, but also perfectly executed post-processing.

The work of a professional photographer involves not only the high quality of the images, but also perfectly executed post-processing. A lot of desktop programs and online services are used for this purpose. But even if you use ready-made filters and presets, the lion’s share of time should be spent on their fitting to specific frames and more profound artistic retouching of selected photos.

RetouchMe Pro, a service that you can use at https://retouchme.com/pro, can dramatically change the situation. Here you can upload “raw” material and describe your wishes for editing, which will be made by graphic design specialists.

Full cycle of photo processing from RetouchMe Pro

The service specialists provide high-quality image processing that meets the requirements of professional photographers. The process is very simple and takes the user a minimum of time.

  1. Order creation. Upload the required number of photos from your computer in a special field. Their number is not limited: it can be one photo or several projects at once. Then you can select the processing methods and confirm the order. The cost of each photo and the total order will be calculated automatically, so the user will know the exact sum.
  2. Editing. Depending on your preferences, RetouchMe Pro designers will perform either light processing (color correction, horizon correction, contrast and brightness correction, cropping) or deep retouching (frequency decomposition, body contour correction, background correction). A full list of options can be viewed on the service’s website and the optimal set of services can be selected.
  3. Receiving ready photos. Within 24 hours of ordering, the result is sent to the user. After that, the sources and ready work are removed by retouchers from their computers. This ensures confidentiality. RetouchMe Pro guarantees high-quality processing, so after you receive your photos, you do not have to do any “fine-tuning” before sending the photos to the customer.

The online service that saves time

Immediately after its launch, RetouchMe Pro caught the attention of photographers because it saves a lot of time. By sending photos to graphic designers for processing, you can forget about hours of monotonous and painstaking work on your computer. While for beginners RetouchMe Pro helps free up time to develop professional skills, experienced photographers appreciate the service for the opportunity to deal with business issues, organize their studio, and fulfill more orders.

In this case, using RetouchMe Pro is more profitable than hiring a full-time retoucher. Since the service team works around the clock, and the processed images are delivered to the user within 24 hours, there is no need to worry that clients will be unhappy with the time it takes to receive the images.