Going to a casino for a fun night of playing blackjack is the favourite weekend pastime of many players – but if you want to be respected as a professional, you also need to look the part. When you enter any casino, you can immediately tell the pros from the beginners just by the way they are dressed. What’s the best outfit to wear to look like a pro when playing blackjack?

Casino fashion – is it a thing?

Ever since casinos were first created, professional players wanted to distinguish themselves from the rest of the newbies, creating an aura of respect that tells everyone around you that you mean business. The first casinos were mostly hosted at players’ houses, but even then how you look was an important factor of every game – especially if you wanted to enter high-stake games, for which you needed a certain renown.

Since early-day casinos were visited by a wide range of folk, including high-class businessmen and low-class labourers, your outfit was the main indicator to which group you belonged. If you saw a player wearing an elegant outfit and smoking a cigar, you could immediately tell that they weren’t interested in low-stake games with the rest of the workers who came to the casino after work to unwind and blow some money.

Modern outfits for Blackjack players

Casinos have changed a lot since they were first introduced – nowadays, when you think of a casino, you see a Las Vegas establishment with plenty of slot machines, professional tables, and sleek-clothed dealers. In such places, the classic look of a sophisticated ruffian probably won’t pass, and many higher-class casinos even have their own dress codes.

Monochrome outfits are considered a great fit for professional players visiting a casino to play blackjack. A sleek tuxedo can immediately distinguish you from the regular players – pros don’t usually come to the casino wearing khaki cargo pants and a flannel shirt. Dressing to look like James Bond works great, but don’t overdo it, or you’ll be risking being laughed at.

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